Let's see... about me. I love learning about all different cultures. I was raised in Alaska, have a Chinese god-father, Japanese god-mother, adopted an African-American sister, was once engaged to a Korean man, and now married to a Norwegian. Multicultural is my middle name. :)

I now live in the state of Georgia, which is way too far south for my comfort. I dream of moving back home to Alaska, where my family still lives, but circumstances and work keep us here.

I became a fan of Kdrama in the fall of 2011, and I also am becoming a kpop fan as well. I love the culture, language, entertainment, and food of Korea. My dream trip would be to go to Korea to live for a year or two and really learn the language well.

Favorite kdramas- Coffee Prince, Secret Garden, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, King 2 Hearts, Kimchi Family, and many more.

Favorite Kpop- CNBlue, SHINee, LEDApple, BOA, MBlaq, IU, Rain,  FT Island, SNSD,


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