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Healer Episode 10

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At Someday News, everyone eagerly awaits Yeong-sin's reporting. Mun-sik and Boss watch the live broadcast of Kim Ui-chan's candidacy announcement. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: January 06, 2015

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Feb 19, 2016

Who knew hair sniffing good be so sexy?

Well Healer getting sloppy!! His romantic side is showing. ^_- Will it be his downfall? Queue dramatic music.

Ooo, I love a good conspiracy. I just new something would be fishy with Jun Seok's suicide and the friend he supposedly killed for money. This is so dramatic and complex, but I'm happy the writers are keeping it on track. It could all become easily convoluted.

What I'm more interested in is how Moon Shik is truly a puppet. Did the actions that he took put him in that place? The flashback meeting with Moon Shik and the Elder confused me. Moon Shik looked like he was dealing well and climbing the corporate ladder. (Maybe with that money that Jun Seok was supposed to have murdered over?) The Elder took an interest then? Or were they slightly in league even then. Hmmm? Obviously Moon Shik is going to want to be Arthur instead of Merlin If he doesn't I'd be really surprised.

Healer Yeong Shin! That elevator scene! That roof scene!? (I think Healer is going to be the drama of amazing roof scenes.) Was Healer just testing Yeong Shin? Does he want her to like Healer and not Bong Soo? Or I don't know! He didn't seem to upset that she turned down Bong Soo's confession. Though I do like how in that moment she noticed that he was "another person".

Man, the sexual tension is killing me.! The fact that's it's sexual tension and not just random cute romantic tension makes this all the sweeter. There's a lot of drama tropes here, but I love how well they're being executed. The writers are amazing and all of the characters are so well realized.

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