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Healer Episode 9

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Mun-ho threatens to tell Myeong-hui everything if something happens to Ji-an again. Mun-sik is running out of time to turn in Ko Seong-cheol's killer. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: January 05, 2015

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Feb 19, 2016

Well I just went out on bought the OST.

Up to this episode I haven't really talked about the other characters, just that like enjoy them and the overall story their past is building.

So I'm going to say that I love the cray-cray Min Ja (the hacker) and Yeong Jae. OK, so I have mentioned Yeong Jae, he is Healer's mentor. The one I was cracking up wanting to make a move on Yeong Shin. I love when these too are talking. They humorous and yet they're building up the great mystery revolving around that picture.

At this point I know who everyone in the picture is. It's funny that at its core it's a tragic love story. Most likey of greed and jealousy. Building a tragic love story in the present day story! I love how each episode is laying done tie-ins. There's a lot of complex work going on, and I appreciate it.

Moon Shik was our obvious villain. But it's strange to think that he's more of a puppet for this Elder. The mystery around Elder is tantalizing. Is this how Moon Shik took his junk yard business into a huge powerful company? Did he sell his soul much how Sang Soo did?

Moon Ho and Moon Shik are definitely drawing lines in the sand. Which makes me wonder why the Elder jumped the gun.

Serious stuff aside this episode was perfection!

That sweet kiss, which I hope is a prologue to even more passion. Healer's weak knees! The "make over" that took Healer's breath away. I love that everything is on Healer's face, despite that he's playing his cards close. I'm not even sure how to describe it. He's undercover, but you can see it all. That walk home with Healer following was moving.

Honestly guys I think Yeong Shin and Healer might just be my new favorite drama couple. Bravo.

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