So, are there people here who were waiting for it for finish airing before starting it ? If this is so, just show yourself and leave, you might get spoiled !

And among those who completed the show this week : what did you think of the drama in general and also, what did you think of the ending ?

My curiosity wouldn't allow me to wait until it was completed to marathon it. I watched each episodes as they aired every painful week. The wait was so totally worth it. ^^ 

The drama was great honestly. I loved the action! I'm glad it wasn't too focused on the romance aspect, like some dramas would. It had the right amount of romance and the suspense every week was just great. Each episode got better and better and the anticipation of wanting to know what happens next (especially when you see the previews) was just painfully great! :D
I loved the plot, the characters and the OST! ^^ That's why I'm going to download every episode so I can watch it again!  \m/ (^U^) \m/

I didn't know anything about Healer and so by the time I decided to to watch it, 6 episodes had already been aired. I marathoned it in one night and I was completed hooked. By episode 8, I became totally obsessed with the show and it was excruciating waiting for next episode to air. 

I am not going to tell you that Healer is a perfect drama because it isn't. There are a few characters I wished that got more screen time because they were so wonderful and the action scenes could have at slower speed. But there are many more reasons that made this drama special.

The writer, Song Ji Na did an amazing job of writing realistic dialogues which helped Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young to bring their characters and their love to life beautifully. Their chemistry is the best I've seen in any drama, that includes non-Asian dramas. The OTP actually kissed and hugged like they are in love and the guy actually lusted after the girl in a sweet way.

Healer managed to avoid most of Kdrama cliches such a love triangle, unreasonable in-laws, and ridiculously lengthy misunderstandings between the OTP.

Most importantly, watching Healer made me 'feels' things that I rarely experience in a Kdrama. The characters were so likeable that I really cared about what happened to them. 

Now, about the ending, was it satisfying? Yes and no. By the time ending was approaching, I invested so heavily in the characters that all I wanted was a happy ending for all the characters except for the bad guys. I think the drama could have had another couple of episodes to tie things together better.

But overall, the Healer journey was an amazing one for me and not because of the hype but because watching it made me laugh, cry and happy.
I completely agree with helkwo-- I love that there were not many of the usual cliches that happen in Kdramas. So happy there was no love triangles or lengthy misunderstandings. I wish the moment of introducing mother and daughter had been more direct maybe more played up as well as a more clear down fall of the bad guys, that said I think they rather impressively wrapped things up in the end which I was worried they wouldn't be able to do with only 2 episodes to do it all in. 

I had a problem with the hitman just walking away at the end-- it seemed impractical and I was confused as to why he wouldn't finish his objective just because someone else got shot. I also was not happy with the new hacker character added so late and yet also not completely punished. I agree that this could have gone at least 2 more episodes.

Overall though I loved Healer and since it was being compared to City Hunter so much in the begining I want to say that I liked Healer better than City Hunter.
Was really hesitant to start this drama since the Poster nor the plot summary appealed to me. 
But I'm so glad I watched it. It's now one of my favourites and it literally blew me off with the plot. 
I've learned how not to judge a book by it's cover. 

The ending - was pretty disappointed with the missing scene of Moon Ho telling Myung Hee that her daughter is Yeong Shin as well. 
Much surprised with how they just gave hints and let you assume the downfall of the villians.
The Elder especially, did not appear at all at the end. 

Definitely re-watching this again some other time. ^^ 
Pretty much my favourite drama of 2014. 
When I first saw the picture of Healer on Viki I thought the main actress was really unlikeable. I don't know why, mabye because she somehow reminded me of the evil character in "Good Doctor" and "Rooftop Prince" because of the short hair ( I didn't know that time that it was the girl form City Hunter). After everyone was talking about it (and after finishing Pinocchio), I thought I give it a shot. At first I was a little disappointed, because I didn't thought the first episode was that thrilling and addicting, but since I had nothing else to watch I continued watching. And that was the moment i got addicted. 

Let me say that at this time there were already 16 episodes, I think it was just before episode 17 aired. So I thought: "Well when I get to Episode 16 it will already be over." Hahaha... haha.. I was really sweet...
I watched almost everything in one night.. I only stopped because I didn't want to wait 1 week.

But I really really loved Healer. Now that it's over I'm still looking for something new to watch. I already started "You're All Surrounded", but i just don't like Lee Seung Gi's Character in it and i've gotta admit, I'm not really that into LSG (except of Gu Family Book).
So I started watching "Empress Ki" and I really love it so far. Ji Chang Wook's Character reminds me somehow of Park Bong Soo (I miss him so much haha T_T), but I almost spoiled the whole Drama for me.. (damn me reading the comments ._.) .

I really need help.
But Healer was really one of the best dramas I've watched so far.
I liked it but felt the ending was rushed, it left me unsatisfied. 
i too felt that the ending was a little rushed they should have used some extra episode to neatly end the series.
but i love the series the way it is so i dont want any change in it at the same time because i love it so i want more episode for stuck between happy and sad.
For me, it's the love scenes!

Pretty Boy -  Ji Chang Wood!

loved him in Empress Ki. And Five Fingers. 
Pretty Boy!  Ji Chang Wook!