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Healer Episode 14

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Ms. Jo tries to hack into the police server to obtain Yeong-jae's statement. Yeong-sin gets worried when Bong-su becomes unreachable. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: January 20, 2015

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Feb 21, 2016

Attack of the seaweed soup!

"If you send me away . . . you'll cry forever."

Yeong Shin, your the bomb! I love this girl. Her confidence in herself and her ability to understand what she wants. I love that she decides and stands up for herself. She might be afraid but it's worth the risk.

Not to mention the beautiful flashbacks of teacher and Healer. It makes viewers understand that this man was his father. What a wonderful story. It only makes this episode even more painful.

Thankfully it's balanced out by very powerful emotions of love. Wow. This episode left be breathless. Even with the "slow" moments it balanced out keeping the plot going and keeping viewers in emotional distress.

Warning: This ends on a cliffhanger that you will promptly want to follow-up with the next episode.

(Side note. Who were those other guys that held Healer back? Were they police on his side? More lackeys we didn't no about?)

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Jan 22, 2015

good episode

This episode got me crying all over the place.
1st - How could they kill Teacher? That was so so sad. It's like Jung Hoo's lost his father once more and this time he's lost his teacher forever. (And after his speech in the last episode to Moon Sik, where he told him that he would protect baby bears Jung Hoo and Young Shin TT____TT)
2nd - Jung Hoo was so miserable after Teacher died and he made Young Shin sad because it made her think she did something wrong (which she didn't - she actually deserves a medal for being as awesome as she is).
3rd - Teacher's testimony. That was so heartbreakingly (is that even a word?) beautiful. I have no words for it.

But I really absolutely loved that we got to know Ahjumma a little bit better. We got to learn about her background and about what (probably) made her the way she is now. And I was so happy when she went to meet Young Shin to tell her how to go to Jung Hoo's place. It showed how much she actually cares for him (and when she looked into Young Shin's eyes to make sure that she is worth it)!
I also loved the conversation between Moon Ho and Min Jae, where she told him that he's timid and scared and that he only fights to the point where can't get hurt. Which is probably the most accurate thing to say about Moon Ho. But I think he will soon cross this line to achieve the things that need to be achieved. Therefore I am really looking forward to his character development.

Last but not least, I loved the kiss at the end because it was initiated by Young Shin, although Jung Hoo was kind of really rude (for a person who didn't eat nor drink and sleep 3 days straight he was too strong, lol) to her. But even though she was hurt, she kind of still understood why he acted the way he did and showed him that it's ok to be himself. No matter who that might be.

Really, I loved this episode!

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