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Healer Episode 15

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Jeong-hu contemplates how he’ll reveal his truest self to Yeong-sin -- and when. Someday News prepares its attack on Mun-sik's campaign. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: January 26, 2015

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Feb 21, 2016

I know things are going to start getting scary, but for now--

Sweet tender moments. Wow. Yeah, Yeong Shin is my hero. I love and respect you girl. Not to mention that Healer is now a favorite as well. He respects, treats her right, and we actually get to fully know both leads.

I love how this episode shows they start of their true budding romance. Healer might be lethal and dangerous, but I love that he gets all a flutter when Yeong Shin calls him her "Boyfriend." Healer's reactions are so sexy, sweet, vulnerable, innocent, and oh sexy. While we don't get to see too much behind closed doors. I love that there is some is more then meaningful looks and soulless kisses. That morning seen was so perfect. I've rewatched it two more times already and will promptly watch it again after finishing this review.

The sweetest thing is seeing how Healer, officially Jung Hoo now, had to keep making sure he wasn't in a dream. He needed to touch and keep her close. *sighs*

This episode is a bit slower, but Moon Ho is officially throwing the first punch. Boy what a hit. Sadly Moon Shik will shake it off fast. With this cliffhanger he didn't even wait 12 hours. With Myung Hee is truly waking up I believe Moon Shik will do something super aggressive.

Be safe Jung Hoo and Yeong Shin.

Normally I complain about flashbacks, but I think this was more of montage and it hit just the write spot. I love a good commemoration of a great character.

Despite the danger and further mystery, I like that Healer keeps a joyous tone. This episode showcases Min Ja so well, she's definitely a beloved character by now. Jung Hoo and Min Ja's banter is so much fun, and I loved seeing Yeong Shin react to them. It was also great seeing her in action and helping out.


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