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Healer Episode 4

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Jung Ho, now undercover as Bong Soo, continues to bond with Yong Shin as colleagues.
  • Aired: December 16, 2014

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Feb 18, 2016

Coming together nicely.

No really, this OST! Amazing. It doesn't hurt they had Beast's Shock in there as well. ^_-

Episode 4, and while it's still sketchy about the tie ins to the past I think I'm catching on. Can't wait for everything to be fully revealed. What a info tease.

Props to Ji Chang Wook. He goes from being a badass to an awkward cutie in a blink! Amazing. Healer could have only been played by this guy. (Well maybe not, but I'm glad it's him.) Watching his facial expressions is beyond consuming. He can play that awkward guy, but then you see in his face that he's Healer picking up on the things. It's too cool!

I really like Young Shin as well. It annoys me that yet again another female lead is the damsel, but it fits with this story well and doesn't feel forced. Things are well out of her hands now and she's going to need that extra help. Her dark past is a haunting echo against her happy life. It all balances out well. Part of me really wants to see her "devious" skills put to the text. Let's pick some locks!

It's official I'm continuing this series. The mystery and conspiracies being setup are so amazing! And while it's was hard to follow at first I'm really happy that not everything was revealed up front. It's like this tantalizing treat putting the pieces together.

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