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Same genre about Adventure, Tomb Raiding, Discoveries, Mysteries, but more thrilling than this The Mystic Nine. Also related to Mystic Nine as the casts are the descendants from the few nine's family of The Mystic Nine.
Recommended by ALEXANDRIA
The Lost Tomb, The Mystic Nine and this one is all base on the same novel series.
Recommended by RinnyMusic
Guardian is about ten thousand year of love.Shen Wei and Yun Lan's relationship is unique in everyway. In The Lost Tomb Kylin Zhang is Wu Xie's protecting angel and their relationship is as unique as theirs. :') If you want to watch something like Guardian this drama is the best, I think.
Recommended by Yoonsa
Part of this The Golden Eyes were involved with tomb investigations instead of tomb raidings as they were a group of archaeologists. It still related to tomb findings.
Recommended by ALEXANDRIA
Both tell stories of their adventure into historical sites with mysteries. The stories are very mythical and somewhat dark. The Ghouls tell the tale of experienced grave robbers while The Lost Tomb is focused on learning through the adventure as archaeologists. If you are looking for intensity then The Ghouls is definitely the one. If you are just starting out in the category of grave adventures then try The Lost Tomb.
Recommended by Tempest
It is base on the same novel series. I would recommend watching Mystic Nine first.
Recommended by RinnyMusic
Both involve adventures with a team of people explore old places which have traps and secrets hidden. Both have mystery, suspense and action elements.
Recommended by loveanimeever
The Lost Tomb is a prequel to The Lost Tomb 3 and features the same leading trio characters, although with different actors.
Recommended by Grand Inquisitor
1) Sublime story from The Mystic Nine as the casts are the later descendants from The Mystic Nine's Wu family ( one of the nine families in The Mystic Nine ) and also tells the adventure of Wu Xie and his alliances while he was still in his much younger days compared to this Tomb Of The Sea as he acted as a more older / senior man.
Recommended by ALEXANDRIA
The story is the continuity and the prequel of the Candle in the Tomb, creating a back story about the main 4 schools of tomb raiding : Mojin, Faqiu, Xuelin and Banshan.
Recommended by botaeli28
This is the first one in series, The Lost Tomb 2 is a continuation of the of this saga. Even though the actors changed for part 2, watching the first one will help contextualize the second one.
Recommended by Cat