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Both are medical dramas that have mystery elements in them. The main male and female leads both have a big age gap. The main character in both dramas have an incurable illness. The ethics and morality of being a doctor are questioned in both.
Recommended by Anna Nikonova
Both dramas psychological and deal with the deep issues of human nature. We see that both male characters are a mystery at first, and each character has their own battles they must fight. I loved Cheese in the Trap for the most part, but I found that Beautiful Mind far surpasses where CITT fell short, in character development.
Recommended by KaraGrace
both in bad guys and beautiful mind we have a "psychopath" as a main character. in both dramas the main character struggles to understand the people around him. also they are both pretty dark.
Recommended by elina
Both dramas have the main male lead lacking in emotion and using it to better themselves in their jobs (ABM=Medical, S=crime)
Recommended by AmynaA
Money Flower is an extraordinary makjang, while A Beautiful Mind is medical drama meets murder mystery. Though these dramas feature different genres, they both star the very talented Jang Hyuk. In both, he portrays a complex protagonist where his aspirations and motives are continually coming into question. Jang Hyuk’s acting is in quit transfixing in both of these roles. Park Se Young plays a significant role in both of these dramas. It has been quite enjoyable to see how much her character differs between these drama. If you are looking for something a little different, give these dramas a try.
Recommended by Elle
Both male leads are incapable of feeling emotions and are taught to read emotions and act like a normal human being.
Recommended by Hasumi17
The main characters are similar, they are both psychopaths and can't feel complex emotions but try to imitate them to blend in the society.
Recommended by tatka
They both have a main lead who is not fit to be a doctor according to the people around him which is a MAJOR element in both dramas

plus they are both unique and just SIMPLY GREAT
Recommended by Addiction Freak
Both are medical dramas with strong characters and a romance storyline to the side.
Recommended by Iwyn
In both dramas ML can't feel emotions and it's the important thing that influences the plot. FL in these dramas are kindhearted, brave, independent and they fall in love with ML despite his differences and try to help ML.
Recommended by Kdramalover203
In both the doctors have a complicated childhood. Their childhood influence in their medical careers and personal life.

PS:the surgeries and medical cases are amazing
Recommended by Jeh
Although D-Day focuses on a specific event, they are similar because each of their cases are connected "mysteriously".
-Medical and Conspiracy themes
-Both struggle to overcome an ultimate struggle
-Struggle with family
-Main female leads are really annoying at first (overly-righteous)
-Both use the analogy that patients are "ticking bombs"
Recommended by BlxxdyButterfly
Both shows tell the story of doctors who were adopted as children and have difficulties in expressing their feelings
Recommended by mengosteen
In both of these dramas the male lead is incapable of feeling, understanding, or expressing emotions, yet they have learned to surpass their "disability." Rather than simply cope with their inability to feel, they have adapted in such a way that makes them a genius in their respective fields. They are interestingly complex characters in a medical and investigative world.
Recommended by pigtails4ever
Both dramas have a big amount of a psychological touch to it, giving an example of how the human brain can be influenced by mere wrong doings of someone else.
Recommended by LenaKove