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Signal Episode 15

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Signal Episode 15 Reviews

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Nov 23, 2016

Again, lazy flashbacks. Still such a rush.

Hae Yeong, I'm sorry. I really had hoped that the plot would have saved his bro. However, the big plot save is . . . well if you've watched the original movie you know. Which works out well, both our hero's lives now hinge on the original goal of saving Jae Han. (For obvious reasons in Jae Han's case. ^_-)

What I didn't like is that immediate flashbacking was used yet again! I mean Jae Han was crying bugger hard with such intense emotions. They didn't need to do anything but use the actor to convey the emotion. It also bothered me how Soo Hyeon, even given time to adjust to the idea, wasted her first transmission with Jae Han. Come on! her practical world weary self would have pulled it together and gone with it.

Other than that this episode is pretty epic. It's all coming together for the final episode. Oh, and it looks like it's finally up to Soo Hyeon to save BOTH MALE LEADS! Cool beans. I'm really excited about this. The woman saves the men! They better not undercut it darn it.

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