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Signal Episode 14

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Signal Episode 14 Reviews

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Sep 23, 2016

Ah, the cuteness.

The good is that Soo Hyeon and Jae Han are so cute in the past timeline! While I was very annoyed with Soo Hyeon having to be made weak again, I thought the first part of her confession was brilliant. The horrid bawling after was just aggravating.

That done! We finally get to see Soo Hyeon find out the truth and for the timelines to get to the point where the past will be altered. The past that we truly want to alter. For Hae Yeong's brother to be saved and for Jae Han to alter the past and live!! What a dramatic ending.


However, I never thought Signal would over due the flashbacks. Flashbacking for things that were just revealed! It added no additional impact except to waste time and make me bored. The amount of them felt off especially for a drama that needs to utilize them well, especially with part of the show being in a past timeline. It wasn't too bad, but I feel very annoyed.

That said I loved seeing Beom Joo grovel. Just as Jae Han told him, "I don't want to be a hunting dog that will just be thrown away." Jae Han understands the roles the powers that be want and how dirty cops will be used. Seeing Beom Joo fully realize that was satisfying. But very scary as I think he is the one that will do the horrible deed that is revealed at the end of this episode. Why? Because he has to get back into good graces with his master.

The emotional impact of this episode may have been slightly dulled by the overuse of flashbacks, but Signal is still a top show. Especially as everything comes together for the cliffhanger. We're now to the BIG plot arc I've been waiting for with bated breath. Oh, gosh!!!!

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