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Signal Episode 5

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Signal Episode 5 Reviews

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Jun 26, 2016

So good, but . . .

The writing for this show is truly top knotch. However, I didn't like that the next case twisted around affecting people Jae Han knows again. It's just too sloppy that it happened AGAIN and that things fall the same way. I well say it hits home how careful Hae Yeong needs to be. Jae Han hasn't seen the truth of what happened in the future. Hae Yeong is cautious because of the people who died in 2015, but he doesn't truly understand how dangerous it all is.

I'm still very curious as to when we're gong to get the full story about Hae Yeong's bother. The build up is intense.

I love how well Signal is pulling together. We get flashbacks to when Jae Han is getting the transmissions, Soo Hyun's flashbacks about Jae Han, and Hae Yeong's teasing flashbacks. Right from the beginning Signal has been ambitious and the writing and stories have nailed it.

Though I would like to have not every case somehow be linked or involved to Jae Han on a personal level. Signal is very character driven, but it doesn't need to be lazy. Make them work for the cases more, and quit making me have to watch poor Jae Han cry because of the loved ones he's constantly losing!

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Mar 20, 2016



this episode is very intriguing and panicky one for me. things are not going good, although we dont know what exactly happened. but glimpse of what happened says everything went terrible and out of hand.

just like won kyung, LJHs first love.... we got to see another person who is dear to LJH, eun ji something terrible had to happen her. details we were yet to know. but its going to be heart wrenching for LJH and me. its been so hard for me to see LJH crying in last episode. now it had to happen again? oh god why?

we got to see little bit of CSH and LJH first meet. rookie CSH is completely different from our team squad leader CSH. CSH misses LJH so much, that she is still single, has his diary and also searching for his skeletal remains.. she also comes to meet LJHs father. she is still in love with him. awww, this is so sad, and i cant comprehend that feeling.

PHY curiosity is worth mentioning here. how he was curious being a child and adult reminds me how intriguing the whole episode is. my curiosity intensified in the entire episode

Feels here:

1. Intriguing -10
why is LJH framed? why are heads of police covering up? what exactly happened to him.
at the first part of this episode, this is exactly what is going through my mind

why were there no transmissions for 6 yrs of LJHs timeline, while it was only a week in PHYs timeline. why is there such a huge time difference gap between past and present. how is exactly all the timelines working. i wish we could know about all that in later episodes.
also why it is only at the time 11.24 pm of PHY. but where as different timings of LJH.

oh kyung tae. was he really guilty of burglar case? but his finger prints were there at the mail box? was he wrongly arrested and jailed for 20 years, like PHY suspects. if it is the case, isnt it terrible.

oh kyung tae kidnapped a girl who is also victim to bus accident, in which his daughter died. why? what exactly happened that day? what are his motives?

why is he deliberately leaving finger prints?

2. Panic - 6

the entire glimpse of what happened that day is so alarming. if the glimpse itself is so frightening, i wonder how much we will be hurt , if they let us know later?

why did that poor girl had to die? oh that hurts me so much already.

also cliff hanger: LJH blaming himself and saying " the transmission should never had started". his voice completely broken down at that moment. this is so sad and terrifying. now i am really not sure, if i should watch next episode. will i be able to take it? oh man, this hurts so much.

next episode is going to be very disturbing.. signal will never let me relax, it had to agonise me every episode.

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