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Signal Episode 7

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Jun 27, 2016

A twist!

So after you right the wrong from altering the past from random transmissions through a walkie-talkie, what do you do? Well get rid of that thing fast1 I totally get Hae Yeong motives in doing so. Even though they saved that woman and her unborn child in the Hwaseong case. Yes, another woman from the present died. However, I feel like she was an accomplice as she blackmailed the killer.

Anywho, I get Hae Yeong's fear. Soo Hyun is back and safe, but who knows how meddling will change fate again? Part of me really wants to know what the original fate of the ex-con and his daughter would have been if Hae Yeong and Jae Han hadn't messed with the timeline. I feel like they're going to realize it's best to let things go the way they were meant to in the past and let Hae Yeong solve them in the future. Maybe? But I think the ultimate case is going to be saving Hae Yeong's brother in the past.

Of course, that all depends on how things will go with Chi Soo meddling! I love that he ratted Hae Yeong out to Soo Hyun. That's underhanded and very crafty. There's sooooooo much mystery going on. Was Jae Han silenced because of this bridge scandal (if so I understand why they made it so personal again), what happened with Hae Yeong's brother????(no really they keep teasing me!!!!), and will Soo Hyun be clued in on the transmissions? (It would be cool if she found out through Jae Han in the past and she's just pretending she doesn't know so the timeline doesn't alter? Maybe she finds out in the present timeline, or never does?) All of the possibilities of this show are wonderful brain teasers.

Overall this episode really gets things going. I love how this one seemingly simple case has taken on this crazy life. How what seemed like an unconnected case of the present timeline is connecting to the past. While I don't think this did much to develop most of the characters, I enjoyed seeing how Jae Han and Chi Soo met. It's been a great arc. Not to mention the commentary on how easily the rich are released from their crimes! When some poor guy was convicted for 20 years and the rich kid got 6 months with 2 years probation. The problem is that even though there was no proof against the poor ex-con no one questioned the fabrication of evidence. It's a sad truth of todays justice system.

I love a drama that can go there and make us think.

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