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Signal Episode 8

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Signal Episode 8 Reviews

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Jun 27, 2016

Something really big must be coming!

Something really big must be coming for the writer to officially lay it all on the one that way and confirm our (my) suspicions about what happened to Jae Han and the parties responsible. I've always loved a good story about corrupt cops and the fight of the good cops to uphold the law. This though, oh my drama!

Overall I loved how Soo Hyun and Hae Yeong played Chi Soo and Bum Joo. Bravo! They basically threw down the gauntlet and called them out on their wicked ways. The look on all of their faces when the full extant of how they were played was realized. Perfection. I always say the good guys need to win a little to keep the fight interesting.

I loved that after the reveal Hae Yeong and Chi Soo are left in a face off. The walkie-talkie found and static noising a way! Holy cow! How are things going to go from now? I still believe that Hae Yeong's brother needs to be saved and clearly detective Jae Han. Maybe the case that officially kills him is somehow involved with that? Either way I love it!

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