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It has the same suspense-like plot that'll keep you curious of what'll happen next. Not to mention that the details needed to make such interesting dramas have to be carefully thought out and without any mistakes.
Also, both dramas trigger something in you that makes you think further. Makes you wonder, if you'd be in some similar situation, what would you do?
Highly recommended, both of them!
Recommended by ruerae
This is second season of bloody monday there is continue after season one story there is more action and new terrorist and falcon will back
Recommended by NasserBader
If you liked the plot around club M then you might find this drama interesting too. Bloody Monday is about a young hacker that gets roped into helping a security organisation fight against a terrorist group, which is set to wipe out Tokyo - if not whole Japan - with a certain virus. By doing so the main antagonist wants to achieve a god-like status, akin to club M's obsessiveness over who's supposed to be the legit king. As the main lead gets dragged deeper into the comflict he finds clues in places unexpectedly near him.
Recommended by ayacherry
both dramas have to do with hacking and are both exciting and full of suspense!
Recommended by lilypad22
Both have internal betrayal and revolve around one big case. Kurokouchi is based on the true 300 million yen robbery case that to this day is still unsolved. Bloody Monday is based off the manga with the same name.
Recommended by dramafreak007
They both feature around the clock investigations, betrayal inside of the organization and many people dying. mystery and suspense all the way.
Recommended by blackstar_aria
In both dramas police force is fighting against criminal organisations lead by some bad guys. Both are really thrilling dramas and you easily get addicted to them.
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA
In both dramas two very intelligent people chase eachother and you don't know who'll win at the end, there are also two death note movies which are as good as the drama and having watched the drama and the movies I can say that the plot never gets boring even if you know what'll happend because there are quite some changes.
Recommended by sotashi
Both of them are about contagious virus.
Recommended by xxATxx
It's a drama but since it's full of suspense it feels like a movie, same as death note with two leads on the same level chasing eachother
Recommended by sotashi
It has the same genre minus the age of characters in the story. Tantei Gakuen Q's characters were Kids, in Bloody Monday, it's adults.
Recommended by mitchy
Both series involve the main characters going against a terroist organisation who are trying to infect the world with a deadly virus.

The series are both excellent crime thrillers, however Yasha has elements of sci-fi as well.
Recommended by SilverCloud
They are both have the elements of terrorism, hacking, spies and betrayals.
Recommended by rinsuzuki
Both dramas give rise to the question of good and evil in humans and whether that is something out of our control or not. Bloody Monday have a genius hacker with the japanese special forces at its center, looking for his dad (and the mystery of his disappearance) while fighting against a group of terrorist wanting to "reset" the humanity. I remember you focuses on a genius consulting detective wanting to solve the forgotten mystery of his rather unfortunate past, while looking for his missing brother and along the way solving various crimes & clues that bring him closer to the core of the human psyche and the hazy gray zone of what is right and what is wrong. Both dramas are full of suspense as well as various plot twists.
Recommended by ayacherry
The Hidarime Tantei special and Bloody Monday are both about protecting Tokyo from a biological terrorist attack threatening with a virus. They also have the same suspenseful feeling.
Recommended by Mae