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Both are intense/ romance dramas.

Great chemistry between main couples.

Both dramas have a revenge story.

The Innocent Man drama has some best OSTs.

Good story and good ending in both dramas.
Recommended by Nishan
The angst, the amnesia, the terrible female antagonist who would go through anything for the male lead.

I have a lover is better made though and it is shorter. The leads are also better looking and less theatrical, more natural. The chemistry between the main leads is far more superb in I have a lover. However, if you're experiencing withdrawal after watching I have a lover, and Here to Heart is not a cure, and you have watched This is My Love, well, try this First Love again. Secret may do the trick, or Never gone.
Recommended by Ichoos
The main male lead is hopelessly in love with female lead. They experience separation for extended period of time but the feeling never change. Male lead actively pursue the female lead.

The angst and the vibe are to me similar.
Recommended by Ichoos
Both deal with the issue of Marriage and Family and how to overcome various struggles in relationships.
Recommended by Frank
The story is relationship ups and down. I have a lover has darker, more mature take on relationship, but the angst and heart wrenching tale are similar.

The difference lies in the lead who in this drama actually fell for another girl.

Happy end guarantee.
Recommended by Ichoos
They were both written by the same writer. Both have the same feels in regard to the chemistry between the main leads.
Recommended by OliCT
Recommended by EmJae
Both kdrama talk about divorcee who meet again. Both makes you changed your mind about what you thought at the beginning. Both of the male lead have puppy love for the female lead.
Recommended by yetitine
both female lead suffers of amnesia after been married with the male lead.
Both male lead are crazy in love and fight for second chance after doing wrong to his wife.
Both female lead believe that the male lead is transfering his love to her.
Great chemistry and similar love.
Recommended by yetitine
Similar: Friendship, Business, Romance, Drama, Family, Melodrama.

Great chemistry in both.
Leads are superb.
Both are a bit lengthy.
Recommended by The Cupids Arrow