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Hi everyone! Sending lots of love from Seoul, Korea! I have been here for almost 2 weeks and I am loving it!

I started watching K-dramas in August of 2014. Shortly after I watched Fated to love you,my first drama, I had a slip and fall at work and hurt my back. For the next six months I was home, mostly confined to bed. I convinced my sister to start watching them with me in December of 2014. Being empty nesters we quickly became addicted. 

It would be a year after I started before I could convince three of my friends to watch. They are all addicts now too!

I like dramas that give me feels! Great characters, stories, memorable lines, and of course gorgeous actors!

If the female can act, that increases my enjoyment. 

I absolutely love when the male loves the female so much he is going crazy!

I am trying to get a group to take South Korea by storm this Autumn! Talk about an Autumn to remember? We will be writing our very own drama come September! Stay tuned for the footage and the pics! Gumbae!


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