Missing 9 Episode 9

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Mar 3, 2017

Off the island and two more survivors. But waht was with that ending?

Off the island and two more survivors. But what was with that ending? I couldn't tell if it was a preview or a weird time warp jump. I'm going to assume it was the previews. Really weird though.

Well finally we're getting off the island and that should be the end of that tale. I think. Tae Ho turned into the horror story bad guy that never dies. I mean clinging on to the side of the boat in freezing water. Then stay under the tarp to slowly kill off the crew and island survivors. Boy won't die. I need him to have a seriously gruesome ending when all of this wraps up.

"When many lies come together, I guess that becomes the truth." - Bong Hee

Well said Bong Hee. I love that she has the guts and courage to accuse the head woman of the special investigation team of knowing full well what the truth is. For letting her know that blaming someone they believe is dead because it's easier--and clearly lines her pockets--is wrong. Bong Hee is such a brave girl. I love that she sticks up for what she believes and survives.

I'm glad that Tae Yeong still believes in her and is helping. Also, I was hoping those two other survivors would be them. Of course they were together! I hope they can finally date and get a HEA. It's also great that now even more members, ones who can't be swayed, will be there to support Bong Hee's story. With enough people the truth will come out.

Solid episode, but very predictable. I'm hoping that now that we're off the island things will become more exciting and less predictable.

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