Missing 9 Episode 8

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Feb 24, 2017

It's a bit tiring that Tae Ho keeps coming out on top.

It's a bit tiring that Tae Ho keeps coming out on top. The thing is with any story the good guys need to win some too. It just becomes exhausting to have the bad guys keep winning, not to mention makes the characters look incompetent.

If there was a question of testimony and you didn't want anything to happen to your witness the investigator guy would never leave him alone. He's wait for him to finish vomiting and then deal with the car.

I'm really annoyed about how obvious this plot is! Not to mention Ho Hang!! If Bong Hee had the guts to the tell the truth he needs to stand up and support it as well. After all once he's been useful doesn't he think he'll be killed? I mean once he goes on film saying what they want he's more useful dead. Dead men can't recant their stories.

They really are making Tae Ho so despicable that I NEED to see him go down hard. I'm guessing that most of the key cast is going to make it out. More "hopes" for witnesses to collaborate Bong Hee's side of the story.

I do like that Tae Yeong is teaming up with Bong Hee. I wonder how long he'll trust in her? Maybe seeing Tae Ho drunkenly talk down about his sister was all he needed?

I won't lie, I'm a bit disappointed in this episode. It was all very A to B let the villains win, and dragged things out too much. I will say I'm very proud of Jun Oh and hope he can get some justice. To think he had a serial killer in Dreamer sabotaging him and then to be stuck on a deserted island with one.

Jun Oh is right. He doesn't know these people or what they're capable of. (See I wasn't the only one who wanted to toss him off a cliff!)

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