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Both of the dramas give of the same vibe and both dramas are from OCN.
Recommended by Nidhi
They're similar in the sense that they both are about teams of criminals and cops out to solve crimes and they're both OCN shows.
Recommended by Eeshie
In both dramas there is suspense and crime. If you like Seo In Guk as a lead then I Remember You won't disappoint you! Also there is a love story
Recommended by Bae Joo-Hyun
In both dramas, a team is made up to catch fraudsters (taxes in 38 Task Force and insurance in Mad Dog).
Recommended by Sady
-Both have some sort of connection with con artists and criminals working together to solve the crime
Recommended by JennyNguyen
Both dramas have swindler(s) helping honest civil servants vs corrupt ones
Recommended by 3ngin33r
both are about fraud who become mr righteous by helping people in need, but Chief Kim is funnier
Recommended by Vanesha888
In general it is similar because it is about con artists

Specific similarity is that main leads have the intend of stealing money from those who obtained that money illegally in the first place.

Recommended by gravity_
it's all about con artist.. although 38 task force focus on swindling tax evaders, kurosagi is more on robin hood act by helping the swindler victim by swindling the swindler back.
Recommended by darkheart94
Both feature a conman character teaming up with a government worker to catch bad guys through unorthodox means.
Recommended by usagisaiko
Both 38 Task Force and The Con Artists focus on conning and quests to acquire money. 38 Task Force deals with conning owed tax money while The Con Artists is about a big heist for personal benefit.
Recommended by Katie