Eternal Love Episode 39

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Mar 29, 2017

ep 39 review SPOILERS

1. After walking Li Jing through her experiences being hurt by him in painfully precise detail Li Jing tries to explain that had he known she were injured and the severity of her situation he would have acted differently. She explains that he does not love her; that he is essentially in love with the idea of her. She explains that he looks for things he can't have or have lost but he does not cherish them when he has them. Li Jing fixates on her inability to forgive him.

--I personally think he needs to forgive himself because she has made it clear many times that she wants nothing do to with him. she says he is the only man she has ever completely loved but too much time has passed and she is different now. She tells him they are acquaintances now and bids him a farewell.--

--Props to Ye Hua for respecting her space and not interrupting her, speaking I suppose to how much he loves her. He alone notices how much it hurts her to sever ties entirely with Li Jing. I can imagine she was probably doing him a service by ending things completely and for her it was hard because she was saying goodbye to an old friend, someone she once loved in fact :(

2. Phoenix god goes to see Mo Yuan and curiously asks Mi Gu to keep it a secret

3. So now learn from phoenix gods inner dialogue that Kunlan mountain is actually formed dragon bones (guess that makes it special) and he has sensed some divine energy at its base--I think he is suspecting that Mo Yuan will awaken again

4. Phoenix god stops by Kunlan and runs into an old desciple of Mo Yuan who passes on the info that ghost lord stopped by and said he saw si yin in the mortal world (probably Bai Quian when she was a shifu) and another follower went to check it out. the whole place has been spruced up and cleaned....almost as if

5. Bai Quian arrives in the heavens secretly with Yu Hua to recuperate. After some flirtatious banter we see her yet again avoid the subject of the feelings between her and Yu Hua. It is extremely easy to notice because she avoids making eye contact with him and makes an excuse to escape. Without fail she has done this multiple times since meeting him.

6. Ye Hua takes her to several places she has been, even showing her the flowers he grew 300 years ago after su su jumped to her death. She experiences feelings of discomfort at the palace of beauty and her old servant falls to her knees in tears in recognition. Bai Quian dissuades her and again rejects that she is su su. I find it interesting that Bai Quian has not once thought about why so many people have mistaken her for su su.

7.Su Jin is horrified to learn that High Goddess Bai Quain has been brought to the goddess of beautiful youth, a strange occurrence indeed

8.How can Su Jin compete with a badass like Bai Quian? Everyone seems to love and revere her. And she has power to boot. Now her competition isn't a dead girl but a living breathing high goddess. Su Jin is going to do something dumb I can sense it; she is going to get sloppy because she's gotten away with it so far and she is confident in her position in the celestial court...but Bai Quian is a high goddess and a queen and apparently su su and su yin she has waaaay to many people on her side.

9.Bai Quian learns that su su loved peach blossoms hence Ye Hua planted them. ...sorry I find this child actor extremely annoying. He shows up.

10.Baby prince assumes that she is pregnant because he read that a woman can't hold a baby from another family when she is pregnant (what is this kid reading?)

11.They go the realm of supreme purity, where if you recall Yu Hua recovered following his battle against the mermaid lord, i believe. Yu Hua takes her peach blossom fan and with her permission plans to write a (love?) poem on it

12. Baby prince and her take a bath together. Ye Hua continues to focus on all the similarities between her and Su Su and talks to himself about it.

(around moments like this, that seem to drag, I want to see some Dong Hua and Fengjui...)

13. Si Jin tries to get the sea princess to feed Ye Hua something so he sleeps with her. I guess she figures if Bai Quian is offended and breaks the engagement she can then dispose of the princess afterwards. If she succeeds it is the kind of betrayal someone like Bai Quian could forgive. Case in point, Li Jing. I mean she also killed herself as Su Su because she thought he was with Su Jin, and there was no physical evidence.

14.Sea princess tries to get Yu Hua to eat the soup, promising this is farewell soup since she is leaving the nine heavens. He agrees because she once save A Li. He doesn't eat it, because he has some smarts. Instead he interrogates her. He immediately brings up the incident of the water push in the mortal realm....he pressures her until she confesses that she pushed her. She confesses then that the soup contains a drug that can make him like her.

15. Si Jin steps in and stands up for her, probs because she knows that if the other girl confesses she will sell her out. this is where I would think Yu Hua would use some crown prince authority to interogate her in private since she confessed to attempted murder and attempted...statutory rape? There was a drug in there.

16. Bai Quain comments on how pretty Su Jin's eyes are (that will be weird when she gets her memory back)--Yu Hua I imagine called her in so she could see Su Su was back--he is really nice and sends the sea princess home. He also tells Si Jin she should go too if she is so attached.

17. Bai Quian chastises Yu Hua for bringing her to the palace in the first place and lets her stay, and calls him out for thinking a woman in love would just come to her senses. The scene ends with Su Jin in shock and the princess begging to stay.

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