I was bored reading blogs and have decided to share some important differences between 3L3W: The pillow book and the drama, Eternal Love. Because everyone who frequents this blog must know that I am the third wheel in the DH/FJ relationship (they are truly my fave on screen pairing).  Feel free to ignore this as this is merely a reflection of my obsession with this series, which I blame entirely on myself.  I knew the risks when I started watching, and here are the results.  That said, please feel free to comment as I enjoy talking to people about this show :)
1. The First Meeting (Dong Hua)
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In Eternal Love, Dong Hua and Feng Jiu meet at Mt. Junji.  In 3L3W: Pillow Book Dong Hua's first impression of Feng Jiu is at the wedding party for Bai Qian and Ye Hua, when she accidentally kicks a flower pot at his head and blames it on Migu.  This intrigues him since she 1)dared to do this and 2)blamed someone else....
2.The First Meeting (Feng Jiu)
In Eternal Love the drama is true to the novel in that Feng Jiu is a fox when she first meets Dong Hua. However, he never knows her true identity until 2,000 years later.  In addition to this, Feng Jiu is still a cub.  She does try to 'repay his kindness' and goes so far as to become a maid and attempts to help him out multiple times.  However, he never noticed her as a maid nor does he know the fox at his side is Feng Jiu.  And this is probably a good thing since he even acknowledges that had he known her identity he would have sent her away.  Dong Hua actually plans to marry another woman, a princess from a demon clan, and believing him in love, she leaves...(I guess this would be 'Life 1' if we are keeping with the theme of living out different lives)
3.The Mortal Realm Arc
In Eternal Love Dong Hua instructs Si Ming to invite Feng Jiu to assist in his trials.  Because of this, Feng Jiu not only marries him but she consummates with him (this is a big deal if only because he is an iceberg).  From what I have read of 3L3W 10 mile Peach Blossom (novel) it is only mentioned briefly that Dong Hua is undergoing these trials because he is the re-incarnated father of 2nd prince's exiled son (Ye Hua reminds Bai Qian to not interfere with Dijun's fate).  This is where it is mentioned that Feng Jiu has 'been in love with him for 2000 years' and often gets drunk because of Dijun.  There is no mention, as far as I know, of her ever meeting him in the mortal realm or marrying him.  So this is technically made up and not canon (if I misread then please let me know so I can change this).
4.Everything following the Mortal Realm Arc (with the exception of fate)
Everything, from the cutting of her tale to the information about the stone is all new material written by the writers of Eternal Love.  While it made for great television, none of this happens in the novel.  Because they haven't even met yet (in Dijun's mind, in the novel).  I imagine they included this to give 1)viewer's options in case they didn't like the BQ/YH ship and 2)it is a different kind of love story that contrasted but also complimented the primary story line and 3)it was still entertaining to watch poor Feng Jiu she just has no good luck...
This plays an enormous role in 3L3W Pillow Book, (in contrast to Ye Hua and Bai Qian who are separated by misunderstandings and obligation) Feng Jiu chases Dijun for 2,000 years and we only learn of her story through multiple flashbacks in Pillow Book.  3L3W 10 Thousand mile peach blossom is told in a similar manner.  After 2,000 years Feng Jiu endures quite a lot of misfortune and heartache and ultimately gives up on Dijun.  Thus, at the novel's start, she has abandoned this love because she truly believes that they have no fate based on the pain she experiences pursuing him.   Only after Dijun realizes he is in love with her do we learn that the two initially had no fate, but through an accident develop a slim fate. It is interesting because the series follows her dogged pursuit him however it is actually Dijun who chases her down and Feng Jiu trying to avoid getting near him...
6.Arayna's Dream
In Pillow Book these two become trapped in Arayna's Dream, a kind of parallel world that 1)kills and traps whoever is in it and 2)causes whoever is trapped to re-experience the tragedy of Princess Arayna's life (long, complicated story).  At this point it is safe to say that she loathes Dijun because of actions prior to this, and Dijun is in love with her.  Because she is weak, they live out the dream (he may, er, have messed with her memories...).  She is Arayna, and he is Xize, her husband.  This is where the two consummate their love and is also where Dijun learns of how much he has hurt Feng Jiu during her 2,000 year pursuit of him.  We also learn how Feng Jiu's love trials have made her extremely considerate of her partner while Dijun...being absolutely inexperienced in matters of the heart learns a few things from her.  Unfortunately, because the director's do not own the rights to pillow book, none of this was able to be included.  But because pillow book is a much longer novel than its prequel, it would have distracted from the main story line had it been (it is 2 volumes; Peach Blossom is 1 volume).
7.Dong Hua's Personality
This is a tough call.  The actor, Vengo, did an excellent job portraying him as he was written in the series.  His expressions were spot on for how I might have pictured him in the novel.  The only difference is that Dong Hua in the novel is extremely detached, to the point of literally not noticing others.  For instance, in the prologue, Feng Jiu makes a rather eccentric (and impossible to ignore) entrance and he has no recollection of this, even though she is directly next to him.  The script for Eternal Love portrays Dong Hua as someone who is hyperaware of Feng Jiu's presence and is seeking to put distance between himself and Feng Jiu, and given the conclusion at the end of the series. that makes sense.  But in the novel Dong Hua frequently finds ways to interact with her (because she arouses his interest), whether it is by chance or deliberate because he enjoys teasing her to the point of allowing all sorts of misunderstandings to develop.  For example, he happens upon her bathing and does his very best to make the situation even more awkward to fan the gossip.  Also, Dong Hua is amoral simply choosing the path that suits himself the best.  For these reasons he does not mind resorting to some underhanded methods to ensure Feng Jiu is his lover (I don't know how else to write it without revealing some big spoilers).  Feng Jiu, in contrast, is constantly trying to put distance between herself and him because of all the grief she endured pursuing him and her choice to abandon that pursuit.

(Such a big picture!)
Still, the drama does an excellent job of telling a story but almost all of it (sadly) is not canon.  They did make efforts to incorporate some of the 'feelings' or sentiments of the characters for example, Feng jiu insists she will follow Dong Hua into the death (although this is sort of his own secret wish and she loves him enough to fulfill it).  Her character was pretty spot on.  She gives the initial impression of a 'cold beauty' but that is one bad act, she is very much like the character in Peach Blossoms (perhaps a bit wiser, but at the same time, extremely...simple minded)
**I should give credit: I took these photos from another website.  I am assuming that person complained because they were taken down.  Apologies.  But I just found these on the internet**
such a great explanation of the Pillow Book!! 

I heard that they didn't film the drama according to the pillow book because they didn't get the copyrights to it right? I think that the storyline that the drama writers made for DH/FJ was pretty good, considering they couldn't take much content from the pillow book. but huge props to the writers tbh

the plot for the pillow book does sound extremely interesting, I might actually go and read the Pillow Books in Chinese after I get through reading the Ye Hua/Bai Qian book first haha :D
so lucky you can read Chinese!  pillow book is much more romantic than Peach Blossoms---I couldn't put it down but I read it first, and peach blossom second (because it took me so long to find a copy)
Wow thanks for this information =) It was a really nice post. I'm definitely going to read Pillow Book now. 
Thanks for this thread!!  I also shipped Feng Jiu and Dong Hua from Eternal Love and went on to read the Pillow Book...I am hoping they will do a drama based on that book!!  :)

Oh and I definitely like the Dong Hua in the book more as well...but that doesn't mean I don't love the Dong Hua in the drama as well as Vengo's portrayal of Dong Hua because I think he did a fantastic job.  I just love the Dong Hua in the book for being so frank and forward, as well as fearless!!  My favorite line from him in the book was "I've never feared Destiny and I certainly don't need its charity".  :D

Oh this is a lovely Post! I cant even imagine if I  will ever be able to withdraw myself from shipping this couple..... I even wrote a simple poem on behalf of Feng Jiu <3 <3... here it is!

Since dreaming doesn't cost
I dreamed of the guiltiest luck with you
When the wind is good enough,
standing under the peach blossoms
on the line you drew
even before I crossed it

Although we didnt owe each other
anything anymore.........

when the withered petals were falling on me
I still dreamed of asking you
Once last time

" Cant It be me?"

~AJ~ ( Fan Fic for Dijun from Jue'r- Ten miles of peach blossoms)

OMG you are awesome I love your poem not only does it beautifully reflect their love I really like the line 'when the withered petals were falling on me/I still dreamed of asking you....Can it be me?'

Oh thank you! but Im just a beginner, its just that I was shipping them so much and couldn't get over it.. :P :D I wish their story comes out as live action (pillow book) with same actors !

aHHHHhhh. i Have watched Ten miles around may last yr but i still feel that feeling of longing after you have finish 58 eps. Well that be said , i heard they're gonna turn 3W3L Pillow book into a drama soon, but no casting news yet. And im in desperate mood to finish the book, im still at the middle of the book 1. This review/insight is very helpful to me because i cannot differentiate the book and the drama. Well, i just wanna say thanks. :)))) I talked too much lol. ^^

How I wish i can get to read the book... I love FJ x DH pairing.... I'm hoping a lot for the future drama plan about both of them... Can anyone give a spoiler? Do they end up together in the book?

 Maria Angela Yanita:

How I wish i can get to read the book... I love FJ x DH pairing.... I'm hoping a lot for the future drama plan about both of them... Can anyone give a spoiler? Do they end up together in the book?

Give me your email, ill send it to you. ???? 


Give me your email, ill send it to you. ???? 

Here is my email: [email protected]. Thanks!

AM SO EXCITED FOR THE PILLOW BOOK DRAMA I just don't know what it will look like a part of me does not care if only because I never thought that they would ever make it.  and with the same people!