Eternal Love Episode 38

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Mar 29, 2017

ep 38 review

1. In the very first scene Yu Hua finally has a confirmation to two burning questions: where was Bai Quian all those years ago, and did she take something to forget her memory? Phoenix god tells the truth, to the extent that he knows: that she was missing, that she was found injured, and that he gave her the potion to forget at her request. Phoenix connected the dots and assumed she was Su Su, which Yu Hua confirms. Yu Hua explains how he know Bai Quian and Su Su were the same, beginning with her mannerisms.

2.Proving to be unusually dense, Yu Hua tells phoenix he suspects she wants to forget him becuase of Mo Yuan. HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? Mo Yuan is dead. Su Su had no memory of him when she lept to her death, and also, Yu Hua did a number of awful things to her, beginning with failing to protect her, ignoring her, not explaining anything to her, lying left and right, AND TAKING HER DAMN EYES OUT OF HER HEAD!! I really find this to be a poorly scripted part. Ye Hua needs to take responsibility for his behavior and begin with an apology. Pardon my angry outburst at obvious blame dodging, I find it hard to believe that is his biggest insecurity. I would be more concerned about her remembering what he did than about Mo Yuan, who is currently dead, and therefore, not in anyway a threat.

3. In a stroke of genius Xian Xu uses her vulnerability to cause a guard to have his guard down. She kills him and (while carrying around her still dead baby) grants a most unusual request: Li Huan reveals the curse, that the death of him and his siblings will strengthen his father. He wants to awaken him and have him kill everyone. This seems reasonable to Xian Nu as she is too weak to do anything. I kind of respect Li Huan for this extremely brave move, it isn't like he will be able to know if his father is ever successful. But his hatred and bitterness transcends even that. What is truly awful is he tells her exactly how to kill his sweet sister. Even Xian Nu finds this request to be vicious. I genuinely pity Xian Nu, I always have. She kills him and takes his jade which is supposed to help him find his sister.

4....In a death bell far far away Ciang Ciang stirs and he says he raised only one good child because his child sacrificed himself. Ciang Ciang says he will slaughter the entire world.

5. Xuan Nu clumsily makes her way through the woods while carrying her dead baby (it's really sad she doesn't have more confidence) she is using her own blood I think to keep the child's body from decaying. Now a fugitive, she is hiding from ghost soldiers. It is extremely sad to watch. She becomes homesick and chooses to see her mother. Sadly, she overhears her mother essentially disowning her and stating angrily she has no daughter, focusing on her traitorous behavior. Sadly, she can't accept responsibility for her actions and continues to blame Bai Quian. She is a little right--I mean Li Jing was in love with Bai Quian, however Bai Quian had no control over any of that.

6. Xuan Nu nearly runs into Li Jing ho is waiting to see Bai Quian. This seems to cement her desire to punish everyone. Can't say I blame her. Even on the eve of her own execution her husband is trying to see Bai Quian. If Li Jing had loved her even a little bit I don't think she would have become so twisted. But he tolerated her kept her close (physically I mean), bullied her (which was undoubtedly a trick just to get him to notice her, even if it was negative attention) and didn't even try to hide his feelings for Bai Quian. I'm not saying it makes her behavior okay but I can feel empathy for her.

7.Yay Fengjui and Dong Hua!!!!!!! So it's raining when we open to this couple. He carries her on his back!!!! This is just so darn sweet, because immortal Dong Hua would never deign to do something so romantic. He says he can't bear to see her feet wet so he carries her. She's still wearing the bell she stole. Awwwww. This will be burned in my memory.

8. Next scene is discarded clothing and cuddles on Dong Hua's bed....oh my gosh he says he wants to have a baby with her (basically he says I have been doting on you for so long i.e. we have been sleeping together for a long time) and she admits she has no control over that (perhaps si ming did not write that into her story?) the scene ends with them making love again. I think they have had more sex than any other character in the series, and that includes Li Jing (sorry was that crass?)

9. Dong Hua spoon feeds Fengjui...omg I melted during this scene. She asks him, 'Will you always treat me will' and he promises 'I will always treat you well'.

10. Why does she have to break his heart??? Why does Dijun want her to hurt him? WTF? I knew it. he is a sadist/masochist. Making her hurt him and enjoying the suffering. Dijun, who knew you harbored such dark thoughts??? She shouldn't have to do that to someone she loves! What could be worse than hurting the one you love? That's it Dijun. I am breaking up with you. You can't hurt my girl like that!

----i know this is going to have negative consequences later. But i feel like if she doesn't do it, then it's also bad. I am feeling great conflict and frustration!--sorry readers. I am writing this literally as I watch the show so you are all reading my feelings as they pop up--maybe she will have his love child now that would be a twist

11. meanwhile someone...i think 18th? (feels like dragonball z with all the numbers) runs into Li Jing's sister who is working as a maid somewhere. i think it is safe to assume they will fall in love, leading to another complicated love story.

12.Ye Hua and Bai Quian run into Li Jing on their way to heaven. When I think about all the people Li Jing has had to apologize for, I really feel bad for him. His one mistake was messing things up with Bai Quian and it has haunted his every waking minute. And Bai Quian will never forgive him.

13.He tries to give her the jade stone...and she essentially says we don't need it. She encourages him to lives his life and move on as she has. She clearly tells him that she was once in love with him but she was also naive. She explains how she felt after he lied to her about the stone, and how he disappointed she was. END EPISODE


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