Eternal Love Episode 48

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Mar 30, 2017

episode 48 spoilers ahead

***I review as I view the show. I sincerely hope this episode is better than the last one. It barely held my attention**

1. Ghost princess (I ALWAYS forget her name) journeys to Kunlan Mountain seeking the aid of Taoist Zi Lan with the goal of securing his aid to help the child. The Kunlan disciples are extremely unhappy with this request and not only refuse but threaten her with death if she does not immediately leave.

2.Li Jing appears and appeals on behalf of their relationship with the celestial tribe but the disciples insist that they follow only Mo Yuan (who is technically celestial) Li Jing draws his sword and before a fight breaks out 16th appears. Princess requests the use of the elixir cauldron. She explains the reason for the request.

3.After praying to their master, 16th promises to guard the sea of innocence and never return to Kunlan or contact the ghost tribe woman to atone for his sin of helping the ghost tribe(a bit extreme, I think, and a cowardly move designed to allow him to avoid any future entanglements with her that could lead him to make some tough choices...)

4. The scene changes to Ye Hua and Bai Quan who are doing...calligraphy together? It seems she is supporting him as he learns to use his right hand. Being Ye Hua I am surprised he isn't ambidextrous. Or able to write with his toes.

5.Cheng Yu (second prince's ex lover) (who eavesdropped while collecting sugarcane and learned of the calamity from Dong Hua's conversation) makes an unusual request--to touch Bai Quian, because she has never met a female high god. (I appreciate her boldness)

6.Bai Quian expresses her concern in the most transparent ways--she is concerned about his arm but instead of really saying it, she says it would be a shame if he couldn't paint again. They pose (Cheng Yu, the kid, and Bai Quian ) for a portrait that Ye Hua paints. Cheng Yu takes the chance to ask Bai Quian to invite Fengjiu to the heavens because she 'got her into trouble'. Bai Quian agrees.

7.Ye Hua does not put Cheng Yu in the painting (cute). A joke is made that he 'doesn't have enough stamina' I.e. his injury has impacted his sexual virility. Annoyed, he bodily grabs Bai Quian and leaves, presumably to have sex with her and make a point.

8. OMG this is the scene from the intro, when he crawls on the bed over her with his hair hanging down. She says it wouldn't be appropriate for them to have sex at the moment (basically), she says she has ordered all of Su Su's things sealed away which leads to the witty remark 'I already burned all of her things' (because he really did). It's kind of strange that she is jealous of herself.

9.FINALLY she acknowledges their mutual affection and discusses scheduling the wedding. Ye Hua is so happy he breaks down into tears (awwwwwwwww). I am proud of her for finally admitting what we already knew many episodes ago. She even says she wants to be with him forever.

10.Several open mouth kisses ensue, filled with passion. I def. think they go all the way here (if anyone is interested in that)

11.CHANGE SCENE Li Jing has WAAY too much make up on in this scene but still looks good as he reflects on his fate and how things may have been easier if he had not been born into the ghost tribe. Ghost princess learns that Si Yin was a woman, but isn't upset (not in her character). She instead expresses respect for her because she is direct and isn't afraid to love or to hate. I like that.

12. My theory that the two of them in fact make passionate love is confirmed by the clothes strewn everywhere (though censorship means they are still covered from the neck down in robes of some kind. why does china have such strict censorship laws? )

13. The ghost royalty receives the medicine from Kunlan mountain, delivered by a disciple. He will not tell her what happened to 16th/Zi lan. I guess this is all he can do for her since he is unwilling to pursue a relationship with her. The child immediately awakens. It's so sad because his mother who was so desperate for him to live is not there.

14.We learn Zi Lan used half a lifetime of cultivation to save him. Zi Lan says too much cultivation is useless now that they are at peace (but little does he know....that the demon king is stirring)

15. Ye Hua really has the prettiest hair.

16.Bai Quian explains she never saw her mentor in him, which is huge for Ye Hua who has always wondered if he was replacement for Mo Yuan. She accuses him of acting more elderly than Dong Hua . Given how peaceful everything is something is sure to happen to shatter it.

17. Ye Hua orders that someone stand guard outside the bell and meanwhile Si Jin is with Ye Hua's mother and implying that Ye Hua has been bewitched/tricked/seduced (I find this plot device to be extremely weak and contrived and founded on nothing other than their surprise at him falling in love so quickly. They have absolutely no reason to suspect this, and even were it true, why would they want to stop a marriage between the two?) She also brings up Bai Fengjiu who stole the lamp I guess they are implying that she is also a seductress?Or colluding with Bai Quian. This is so dumb.

18. Si Jin is seeking to prevent the marriage by implying Bai Quian is dangerous and not to be trusted. I respect Si Jin's tenacity but this is such a dumb plot. So now his mom is out to investigate.

19. Si Jin and the mother burst in. Who gets sick from cold tea??? Watch it this is a dumb scene. He compliments Bai Quian for giving him the recovering elixir in the tea, which boosts her image and leads the mom to immediately do a 180 and move forward with the marriage (all in the span of seconds). It gives Bai Quian a chance to show proper to eitquette, raining on Si Jin's short lived and poorly contrived plot.

20.A Li shares that Bai Quian and Ye Hua have been secretly meeting up, undoubtedly added more fire to Si Jin's hate.

21.In a sudden move, Yi Hua's dad, who has barely said anything the entire friggin season, insists that Ye Hua go through a trial because he killed the heavenly beasts so now he has to go the mortal realm. Now this is just really bad writing and completely random (I think). SO DUMB. But I guess it serves as filler during the months leading up to the wedding.


I give it a 7 because the plot at times just seemed incredibly random and the conflicts incredibly unecessary but they need to make it stretch for a certain number of episodes.

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