Eternal Love Episode 49

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Mar 30, 2017

ep 49 spoilers

1. Bai Quian stops at home to begin wedding arrangements. They also address the issue of who should be queen since Bau Quian is leaving. She nominates her niece, which I agree, I don't really think she is suited because of her immaturity. It seems like they pick her because she is a woman and female foxes are rare (?).

2.Bai Quian borrows Fengjiu in order to check on her. I guess she was beat by her father but not too badly (Dong Hua should have showed up and taken her to his love nest by now but I don't see that happening any time soon) She passes on the message that Cheng Yu wants to see her, and that it is very important. Fengjiu has no idea what it is about and now Fengjiu will have to sneak off again.

3.4th brother informs Phoenix that now that Bai Quian is getting married, Fengjiu will become queen. He seems happy about it but Phoenix appears impatient, thinking only of Mo Yuan (this guy is like an after thought to me at the moment).

4.Back in the palace all the talk is about the wedding. Si Jin has to help with preparations! She fishes for a date, I imagine, to organize her plots but isn't told a date but she does learn it will occur after Ye Hua's mortal trials.

5. Bai Quian experiences extreme de ja vu near the lotus pond. Apparently it is foggy in order to surprise her for her surprise wedding congratulations party where he officially announces their engagement in fron of all the tribes. Everyone remarks on how beautiful they look together (I agree). It gives her an opportunity to build some likes among the people as she warmly engages A-Li.
(Let me take a moment to rant about commercials. Rant over)

6. Now Ye Hua shares that he has to undergo a mortal trial and explains why. These are increasingly common in this show and at this point seem like a poor plot device to me but hey, what the heck. Everyone gets a mortal trial!

7.She learns that star lord/Si Ming is giving him a blank destiny (I don't blame BQ for being worried about any crazy stories he has given his script for Dong Hua). Again she reminds him that she doesn't forgive betrayal. He asks what she would do if he meets a mortal and Ye Hua gets to see her jealous, so I am sure he is happy, as he listens to her explain that she will kidnap him and bring him to her love nest.

8.4th brother cautions Fengjiu that her father is going to chase her when she goes. She has no plans to see Dong Hua (don't blame her) and transforms into a little ball of light which allows her to hide in 4th brother's sleeve (so many things up these sleeves). This will allow her to pass through the magical barrier her father has created to eep her in. I have to say I admire her craftiness. And her laugh when she gets her way clearly indicates she is fully aware of what she is doing. Still reckless. Still my favorite.

9. Once outside, she goes to the celestial palace.

10.4th brother and phoenix visit the sea king again to check in on the prince; he seems to be doing well. Phoenix suspects that Mo Yuan will soon awaken (if he does come back I imagine he will be upset to see his fave apprentice about to get married to a guy who looks just like him and by all accounts was a flower he was taking care of. never trust a lotus)

11. She gives him the soul jade that Li Jing gave her (why, I don't know). The bell at Kunlan Mountain rings, signalling that Mo Yuan has achieved the impossible and has returned (thanks to a lot of help). Everyone stops in their tracks because they know what it means. Now Ye Hua must contend with the fact that he is leaving the moment his only rival in love returns.

12.He thinks the exact thing Mo Yuan said out loud when he vanished into the bell 'Wait for my return' before departing for the mortal realm. I kind of feel bad for Mo Yuan but we don't know for sure if he has feelings for her (he probably did).

13. Mo Yuan is awake, looking at Bai Quian (girl form). We are treated to some flash scenes of the past. Including his dramatic death. This is such a powerful scene! And he greets her as if he has never left. She kneels in front of him and he calls her 'my little seventeenth' before they embrace, master and student reunited.

14. Deep inside the bell, Cuang is preparing to awaken now that Mo Yuan is awake as it was Mo Yuan's spirit keeping him sealed (recall Li Jing warned this would happen but Ye Hua ignored him).

12.Mo Yuan appears to be visibly troubled by the fact that the crown prince is her fiance. He explains that he is his twin brother. Heavenly father gave him a lotus before departing. Apparently the pillars holding heaven and earth collapsed and his mother had a miscarriage. The younger twin was lost. Because he felt responsible, heavenly father used half of his power on the fetus and turned the little brother into a lotus. He entrusted that lotus to Mo Yuan, who was charged with cultivating the lotus until his brother was ready to be born again. This was his dying wish, apparently. Mo Yuan's death triggered his awakening.

13.This seems to defy the historical records, and the phoenix concludes that the records cannot be trusted.

14.Mo Yuan requests to meet his brother but they explain he just left to the mortal realm.

15. Elsewhere Dong Hua appears deep in thought and Fengjiu sneaks up behind him (so much for avoiding him). She runs into his arms, and she expresses concern that he is going to die. He lectures her not to behave so and tries to make her let him go. He appears to be troubled by her behavior/in pain.

16. she asks if this is because she is his destined calamity. he asks who told her so, and she asks, 'am i not?' and then the episode ends.

This episode was rather good. It had elements I like, such as epic events (Mo Yuan coming back) to counter balance the somewhat random events (Ye Hua returning to the mortal realm) and the always spectacular scenes with Dong Hua (I think these scenes are so successful because they have less screen time so there is much less filler with them).

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