Eternal Love Episode 58

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  • Aired: March 01, 2017

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Apr 2, 2017

ep 58 spoilers ahead

*final episode!!*

1.Ghost princess immediately recognizes Si Yin (serving tea) and they have a chat

2.She reminisces on earlier more innocent days. It seems that the baby was a girl and not a boy i.e. Li Jing's child. A Li shows up, i guess they just meet up when they can? Apparently A-Li is going to visit YH at the sea of innocence.

3.Scene change: NOW the celestial king is choosing to make things up and apologize to the boy who was wrongly punished for molesting Si Jin. He requests to meet BQ (remember, he was her shifu). Apparently her name is taboo. The emperor wants to know why. He explains that she was his mentor in the mortal realm and he would like to thank her. He is unable to grant the request. He doesn't deny it he says 'we will talk about it later'

4.The goddess who borrowed money from BQ steals the fan from the boy.

5.BQ goes with A-Li to visit YH. BQ admits how lucky she was to have two of heavenly father's sons in her life(one a mentor, the other a heaven). 17th, who is still guarding the tomb, admits he is happy to have company as he guides them to YH's coffin.

6.For reasons completely unexplained it seems like YH's coffin is overwhelmed with celestial blessings. Perhaps he isn't dead, everyone thinks. Mo Yuan is sent to check this out.

7. Like Snow White YH awakens. MY tells him to go seek BQ. The most important celestial tribe members are there--the emperor, DH, his parents--YH thanks his brother, and he has defied death how many times now?--he bows to his family, and then immediately leaves to go find his woman (can't say the same for DH....)

8.No one stops him. At this point, who can? Death can't even stop him. Could that be the theme of this show??? Defying Death?? (While Defying Fate is the theme of the next novel?)

9. The money-borrowing goddess shows up to visit BQ at the theater (is this the same girl who locked FJ up in the pagoda??) She reveals the secret that YH may not be dead because he was protected by powerful celestial blessings. BQ freezes time to get more info. (I think it is the same girl. Only a really great fool could love someone as unobtainable as DH)

10. We get a chance to see BQ in her spirit fox form. She breaks into the celestial palace and confronts MY who explains the truth: half of YHs power came from celestial power; he gained the rest from the 4 spirits. this power was drained destroying the bell. that is how he is alive.) YH is at the blossom field, waiting for her YEAHHH (never question explanations or math in these shows, bc another monster in the pagoda that DH killed had 1/4 of the father's power...)

11. Finally, FINALLY these two are united. And he is waiting for her. Magically A-Li is there, with 4th brother, watching the two lovers embrace.

12.Change scene to ghost princess who is walking with Li Jing's daughter (I thought it was a boy!). She visits 17th at the sea of innocence, hoping to introduce her to her 'savior' i.e. the child was saved because of 17th (isn't she supposed to be a he??)

13. the explanation here is that maybe Xuan Nu called the child a son because she wanted it to inherit the throne. They talk about casual things when it is apparent they want to be together. After some polite words they leave. He stops her and tells her to never seek him out again (sheesh the men in these shows are so masochistic! the only guy who wouldn't say that is YH), I don't think she wanted to hear that. 16th, you are a fool just like DH.

14.MY is at his mountain, just hanging out, and seems to be at peace.

15.Phoenix is playing a game with A Li while 4th brother watches. He regales the kid with stories of the love hate relatioinship between his parents.

16.BQ fills in YH on the last three years, about how she had trouble distinguishing reality from dreams. Unsurprisingly, YH reveals these were not dreams. She needs him to confirm this is not a dream. He reveals the truth of their first meeting, how he was a snake. They reflect on their many meetings.

The end.

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