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  • Aired: March 01, 2017

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Apr 2, 2017

ep 57 review--spoilers ahead

I can't believe that there are just two left!! It feels surreal!

1. Ever faithful, Migu defends BQ's actions. BQ acknowledges their requests but explains that as Susu she was his wife, and requests that she be allowed to clean his body and dress him (on her knees she bows and begs). She insists that it is only proper that she do this, as his wife. DH grants this request.

2.3rd prince asks YH's mother to not hold a grudge. But she has a point, he died twice for the same woman. She should be allowed to be heartbroken. He asks that since she is handing the body over to be patient.

3. FJ serves tea and explains she probably won't be queen anymore before giving Dh tea in a rather charged scene.

--Again, I think that DH will put distance between himself and FJ again. He removed his name from the rock to be the best god, basically, and his fear that she would die interfered in his ability to defend the tribe (even if she was trying to protect him). I bet he is going to continue avoiding her because his little indulgences seem to reaffirm his belief that nothing good can come from loving her. I don't think he will stop loving her...but it doesn't look good for team FJ

4.We see an extremely poignant and emotionally charged scene as BQ speaks to the dead YH, talking to him about things she never told him when he was alive. She explains that now she understands the heavy burden he basically has crown prince but talks about how nice it would be if he were normal. She explains that she was inadequate, not good enough, but as queen it's funny how useless she is. She promises to never forget him and shares a secret: that when he stood outside her fox den for seven days she had already forgiven him but because of her stubbornness and desire to appear strong, she couldn't tell him. She acknowledges how difficult his life has been and then kisses him. (SO SAD! the only person who i can think of who has suffered more than the people in this show is Bones from Journey of Flower)

5. YH is in his coffin while surrounded by his family. Members of the celestial tribe and fox tribe are there. She asks permission to go to the sea of innocence but is denied access because she is not a member of the celestial tribe (ouch!). FJ stands up for her aunt and their love (ever loyal) but BQ understands (I say f**** their rules at this point but they are sticklers for the rules). Everyone disappears, and BQ runs outside, having not accepted that he has gone. She collapses. FJ leaves temporarily I assume to help her.

(I have a bad feeling about FJ trying to help her gut tells me she will do something really dumb or really selfless, neither will be good)

6. Members of the celestial tribe have returned. Following not far behind is FJ. She is not allowed to enter. DH turns around and stops in front of FJ (the distance between them seems really big right now)

7.FJ asks DH how his injuries are; he says they are almost healed. He says that he thought she was going to ask the question again, that if he had not removed his name from the rock, would he have fallen for her. His answer is yes (not what I was expecting). Next he confirmed what I knew all along by clearly stating it--that he underwent that heavenly trial to fulfill his own personal wish. He tells her to leave. And smiles, before turning to go. I think he is rather amazed at his own admission. Poor Fj (if I didn't know about pillow book I won't lie I might not have finished this drama).

8.We change our scene to BQ who is wearing gray (mourning) and wandering through the peach blossoms in a bit of a bored daze. While she is sleeping BQ dreams she is visited by YH. She embraces him and then he fades away. BQ wanders around, calling for him. 4th brother shames her and says that she should be able to survive without him. She says it isn't that she can't, it's just that she doesn't know how

9.BQ confesses she told YH that he spent his lifetime seeking what he could not have; she admits she is not different. BQ admits she cannot live without him.

10. BQ continues to see him in her dreams. I am not sure if this is actually YH communicating to her or not. But who cares?

11. Time passes, and soon 3 years have passed. FJ is having her hair brushed by her mother. She is wearing really bright red lipstick. Apparently her aunt has been travelling for years. Wearing a red dress, FJ is about to be introduced as the next queen (?). Her father leads her outside and all the people watch while she is being led to a platform. Even now she is thinking of DH . Her internal monologue reveals that he has been working hard, has insomnia. DH is at the top of the platform, and she walks to him, and she decides that from today forward she will embrace her duties as queen and she says she can no longer do what she used to do (he isn't there it is her imagination). I think she is choosing to bear the burden of her tribe since her aunt can't do it because she is not in any frame of mind to.

12. (this is actually more fitting with her personality for pillow book). Si Ming shows up with a gift from DH. He gives her a map that he personally made and used to conquer the world. Apparently this is a big deal as not even the celestial king could use it. She asks for a message. Si Ming says that she will understand when she opens it. In return she gives him a bow and hopes that they remain friends. DH in his study has watched the entire thing. It looks like he has her tail, that she cut off, on his belt. I take it that is his way of acknowledging their mutual feelings?

13.We change scenes to the mortal realm (has she basically given up on her kid?). BQ is drinking tea and watching a play. Some random lower deity shows up and begs for money--she gives it. She appears interested in her brother. They muse about how much it sucks to be mortal. BQ reports that it doesn't matter if she can't differentiate between dreams and reality because it is still life.

14. Apparently Si jin got reincarnated into a not so nice life...

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