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Another Miss Oh Episode 8

I'm Not Crying Because of Him, I'm Crying Because of You

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  • Aired: May 24, 2016

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Another Miss Oh Episode 8 Reviews

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Jul 19, 2016

I love Hae Yeong's parents.

You know . . . if the whole element of the visions and responsibility of what Do Kyeong had done where gone, he'd kind of be a stalker. His friend Ji Sang was kind of right. What Do Kyeong is doing is sick. Especially now that Hae Yeong #1 has admitted her feelings.

However, that's the power of dramas!

Yeah, if he'd have known that his stint in jail was going to be so short Tae Jin could have waited for her. Well you know what, why the crap did he take that choice away any who? She could have decided herself. Oh, well he wasn't worthy. (Dang it, Lee Jae Yoon, I will find a drama that your a great guy in so I can lust away without guilt.)

Oh, my poor Tigress! (Yes, I'm referring to Soo Kyeong.) It broke my heart when the waitress gave her that news! However, when Ji Sang is comforting her and admits that he speaks French I was moved. (Please, please, please! PLEASE! Let there be a romance there! Drama gods, I request! Answer my prayers!

Ahn Na! My cutey is back! I love how care free she makes Park Hoon, and happy. Her energy is so infections. Boy does she look good in pink hair! Love her try everything motto and to not care what others think as long as it makes her happy! Park Hoon has a decision to make! (Why waste her pretty softness! Ha-ha!!)

Um, wow. I'm writing this review as I watch, so yeah. I just got to the part where Do Kyeong follows Tae Jin and rams his care. Not only is that disturbing, but he wronged both === and ===. Yes, fuzzy feelings he's enraged for Hae Yeong #1's suffering. However, who's lying (excuse me withholding information) and yo-yoing her feelings? Personally he deserved the beating and I was cheering for Tae Jin. (Though I'm quite sure in episode 1 their plan was to use Tae Jin's honor to get him to call off the wedding. I distinctly remember Ji Sang mentioning it. So he shouldn't be so shocked, I guess once you know the victim you care.)

All of the scenes with the Hae Yeong's parents were brilliant! Oh, the emotion! I love how they decided to cheer up! Not to mention that these parents aren't just window dressing. You know how most dramas the parents are just there, but are never developed. The very last vision Do Kyeong has makes me both nervous, and very excited! (Those are some passionate scenes, bordering on the creepy!) Really looking forward to the next episode.

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May 25, 2016

BEST drama parents EVER

I have never enjoyed parents so much in a drama. The level of love they show for their daughter is just UGH. They fight as a family, cried together as a family, the go karaoke as a family to get over the crying, then despite spending so much money in trying to make her feel better they offer to go drinking to even though at this point they lost their voices. It's really quite brilliant.
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