Another Miss Oh Episode 9

The Wind Blew in That Heart

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  • Aired: May 30, 2016

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Another Miss Oh Episode 9 Reviews

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Jul 19, 2016

It hit me--

Never thought putting ointment on a knee could feel so ditry, I'm relieved he didn't go through with it.

It finally hit me while watching this episode why Another Miss Oh, is not connecting 100% with me.

Oh Hae Yeong #1 has a serious alcohol problem. Forget about finding her a man, someone needs to get her into AA. Fast. I feel like even is she's happy she'd have to start drinking. She's drinking in the middle of the day, over drinking are work functions, drinking everywhere, and anytime of day! It's been well over a month, so there has to be a limit.

The fact that any emotional drama hits and she goes for the bottle is very worrying. I spend more time watching her self pity and medicate with alcohol. I don't know who she really is when she's not drinking.

Do Kyeong is an unlikable male lead. In fact, he's basically a creepy stalker. Not to mention that he's playing all these games, while still lying to Oh Hae Yeong #1. When he listened to all the recordings again I got chills. Not to mention that he really is a jerk and bully. An occasional nice deed doesn't make that go away.

Even my beloved Soo Kyeong is an alcoholic. Though from what happened in this episode I hope she gets a hold on it! Ha-ha! (When will Ji Sang remember?)

Overall this was a bit of a slower episode as things get ready for the big reveal. Especially if the previews and what the doctor says are correct. Wow, what a way to take this drama!

Oh, and the kiss was interesting. That was a fight from beginning to end.

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Jun 1, 2016


This episode is just raw emotion like I have never seen before in a korean drama. There is much anger and confusion and making huge mistakes and a kiss that just blew my mind with the intensity. They care about each other but he tries to not feel it at all cost because he ruined her fiance, he once loved her enemy, they live in the same house...Oh Hae Young never keeps her feelings in and what she cant express sober she sure as hell is going to go after you drunk. They clash in this aspect but at that point when they were arguing and she just hit him wildly and they just struggled and squirmed out on the street just expressing everything was a beautiful moment oddly enough. I just wish that once they stopped struggling the camera stopped shaking too. Maybe he was so into this moment as well that he was hyperventilating xD This episode expresses a lot of the grey that happens in relationships...a lot of what goes on you might appreciate or might frustrate you . I personally appreciated it :)

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May 31, 2016

This episode is exactly why I am addicted...

This episode is sooooo good. Intense. Emotional. Hilarious. I believe this is the official start of the sh!t hitting the fan, and the ending is perfection! Rewatch value? 10. I just finished it, and I'm ready to watch it again!
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