Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto



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Both dramas present stories about love and mainly take part in restaurants. Main characters love cooking and often prepare something.
Recommended by tora_pl
Both JDramas are about baking & romance. Both are very similar...........................................................................................
Recommended by Aoi_Takahashi_12
there are much of similarities between both drama.. when i was watching suki koto, couple of times i was like literally screaming "gosh, that's so RMPW!!" The pace and tension are different, suki koto has more sweet moments, whereas RMPW has more comedy in it. Both are about summer romance. highly recommended!
Recommended by misozoupp
Both are reverse harem themed dramas, where a girl ends up living with three brothers in the same house.
Recommended by Geanina
In both dramas the female lead starts living with three brothers and working at their family-run restaurant. The personality of the brothers are even similar in both of these dramas. In this regard Yuujirou is comparable to Kanata, Junzaburou to Chiaki and Koushirou to Touma. Lunch Queen is much older but just as much enjoyable ! Who will be the lucky brother :) ?
Recommended by Lotta-love
A really great Taiwanese drama about a girl who works at a small shop and dreams of more and a overbearing chef that ends up teaching her some skills in the kitchen. Similar to Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto because in both dramas they find attraction in each other through their mutual love for food and creating perfect artistic dishes.
Recommended by laurliv
Both female characters are cute. Both dramas include hot chefssss. They are set in a nice restaurant. Both dramas give off a similar feel; the feel-good feeling! Btw, they live together!
Recommended by Shelly
they have the same concept where in lead girl has difficulty finding a job and a guy offers her a place to live and a job
Recommended by ada garres
The same lead actors. Yamazaki Kento and Kiritani Mirei. So glad that they can work again in one project, they looked so good together in heroine shikkaku
Recommended by ada garres
1. fujitv getsu9 summer dramas
2. same director
3. same screen writer
4. same soundtrack composer
5. nomura shuhei & sakurako ohara in both dramas
6. the pace is pretty much the same
7. all about youngsters problems
8. similar style - summer fashion style, plain & white tees
Recommended by misozoupp
Both are adorable fluffy romcoms.
Both leading ladies have an opportunity to further their careers after much disappointment, in that area... but the career opportunity brings them in close working relationships to men from their past. In A Girl & Three Sweethearts (you can find it here: ) she moves in with the man she has long had a crush on... but there are two brothers in the house that might turn her affections elsewhere.
In My Secret Romance (find it on dramafever), it is a man she had a one night stand with 3 yrs ago . Of course, there is already a man in her life, who is waiting for the right time to confess to her... but who will she be more moved by.
There is plenty of wondering if "he loves me/he loves me not" and "she loves me/she loves me not" in both. There is also adorable awkwardness while trying not to let on that they like them, but also wanting to do sweet things for them.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
Both of them about chefs , meals and restaurants that have a special meanings to the owners ..... and story happens in the summer and takes in the seaside .These two dramas gives to me same vibe
Recommended by dayidream
When I watched Suki na Hito ga Iru it gave me the same vibes of Kiss Me. In both dramas the female lead is so innocent and naive, the male lead is cold-hearted but still attractive and caring for the female lead although he doesn't show it much.
Recommended by Berrypie
Recommended by ayacherry
They're both cooking themed drama
Both heroines are trying to win the approval of the male chef
Both fun to watch
Recommended by harumasgirl