Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 4

Her True Identity

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Bong-soon struggles to control not just her power, but also her emotions. To make matters worse, Min-hyuk keeps giving her a hard time. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: March 04, 2017

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Mar 6, 2017

Cutie patootie! Oh, my that dream and the butt grabbing.

That dream Bong Soon had was insane. Hilariously so! I mean Mion Hyeok didn't look too shabby dressed as a woman, and then Gook Du's whole reactions. Just--even thinking about it makes me laugh! (I've already rewatched the scene too many times.) Honestly I really want to see the bloopers from filming that so I can see the actor's, and set people's, reactions. That butt grab! How did Ji Soo keep such a straight face?

The hoodie girl! I know that's how they're paths met prior, but I didn't notice the red hoodie was Bong Soon until this episode. I have a feeling everyone is connected. Oh, well.

Oh, oh! The whole The Bodyguard reference with the Whitney Houston song was perfection! I laughed so hard. >_< Not to mention Bong Soon's dad pulling out all his hidden money. The fractured toe that healed super fast. Bong Soon was totally into the gang wanting to make her their boss, she loved the hero worship! This episode just got me laughing.

The movie and dance club was too awesome. Though if she's that out of control when she's not drunk I'm pretty sure that the dance pole wouldn't have been the only causality when she's plastered. (Though I question crying at the super hero movies? I mean she has a secret identity to hide (that she can't keep), but not much in common with them otherwise.) Min Hyeok watching her dance and have a good time was great. I love that he didn't care what she said while drunk. His only response is that the morning after when she was acting all innocent about it was that she was cute, sexy, and such a "cutie patootie"! Min Hyeok's open interest for her is awesome! I love it! Though I wish he'd quit with the gay joke.

To be honest the writing for Strong Woman Do Bong is all over the place. There are so many plot things going on. Boong Soon parents both seem to have love interests. he love triangle of Bong Soon, Min Hyeok, and Good Du. Then the love triangle of Gook Du, Gook Du's girlfriend, and Bong Soon's brother. The weird kidnapping/murders, the person out to get Min Hyeok, Min Hyeok inheriting his dad's shady business, the development of the neighborhood, the gang that wants to get rid of or recruit Bong Soon, and the youngster gang wanting her to be their boss. That's just the in your face stuff. Despite it all I can't help, but be entertained. This is one of those dramas that is insane and I know there are flaws in the writing, but I can't help it. Park Bo Young (playing Bong Soon) is just too irresistible in comedy roles.

So will I be continuing this drama? You bet! I've gotten over my high expectations. Oh well, I'll enjoy the crazy fun.

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