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Althought they r both different I felt some similarities:
- time travel
-time travel to set things right the way they want
-fight against destiny
-ending similar ^^
-character developement
But »Todome no kiss« is more deep and I liked it a little more than »One more time«. But if u liked »One more time« u will propably like »Todome no kiss« too! And the other way around^^ Enjoy!
Recommended by Tine-chan
Both involve time travelling, both show the story of a person who tries to change the past.
Recommended by claudya87
In both series they are offered a chance to travel through time to regain the love of their partners.
Recommended by claudya87
- This is also a musical drama that centers around music (The music in both are great)

- Both is a good love story

- Well-known female leads (Park Shin Hye in Heartstrings and Yoon So Hee in The Day After We Broke Up)

- Both male leads are kind of jerks in the beginning
Recommended by HealerDoge
In both titles in the foundation is a love story, also in both main characters are members of band. The main is that guys tries to change tragic fate of their sweethearts by returning through time. The difference is that one returns intentionally and the other not arbitrary.
Recommended by Jelena
Also about a couple breaking up due to stresses and conflicts, where the guy aspires to find success in being a musician.
Recommended by MissEurydice
The Day After We Broke Up is a lot less comedic than Goblin but it has a very similar supernatural/magical tone to it.

You'll know what I mean once you watch it.
Recommended by luckystar
Though not the main focus of this drama, the female lead went through similar experiences and developed the same way before meeting the male lead who helps them become happy. Both have a good look on life and development.
Recommended by Aria
-Time travel to save the one you love
-Both of them are really good.

Just watch it and you will see the similarity.
Recommended by Clash Nikov