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Both have the same concept, despite queen of the ring changes her appearance only one person can see her as her “beautiful” self which is whoever puts the ring on her, and mask is where she becomes an idol due to the mask she puts on she changes from “fat and ugly” to a beautiful idol which people adore
Recommended by misu
Both dramas have a female protagonist lacking confidence. The situation changes thanks to a magic ring and romance ensues.
Recommended by Ilaria
Both stories:
* are short and sweet
* have fantasy elements to aid the female lead
* have a pretty male lead and a plain female lead
* have a love triangle
Recommended by Apple Eye
Both FL hide their true identity from the ML. The FL don’t come from welathy families. The ML are not happy when they find out the truth.
Recommended by Eleanor
Both are mini-series with the same male lead, and have heroines who struggle with the fact that they aren't quite who they'd ideally want to be.
Recommended by Emma
Both the female leads their appearance by using something magical
In coffee do me a favour it's the coffee and international this one the ring.

Recommended by Btsxjhope
both stories are the same "ugly woman finds magical item to be pretty" theme... both posters really look the same too xD and I want to say QOTR had something to do with runways and models too(?)
Recommended by XingBack
Both are love stories set in school (high school for best mistake and college for queen of the ring). Both of the romances kick off with a misunderstanding/straight up lie from the FL, and a love triangle ensues.
Recommended by Ig08
KIM SEULGI! To be honest, nothing common for the plot line except that they are short drama/specials. But if you like Kim Seul GI's sass and cuteness you will definitely enjoy this two drama. Her chemistry with all the actors is like omg omg omg. give her a full drama pls (better with doo joon)
Recommended by unicornislife
In both dramas the lead actress is 'ugly' and falls in love with handsome, populair guy..
Recommended by Jojotjw
The two are sweet mini dramas with eccentric female leads. They're both fluffy and lighthearted, a good type of healing drama.
Recommended by noona
It's not exactly the same but you get the love story about magical and change of appearance.
Recommended by emyksis
Storylines differ but both take place at a university and both have the attractive guy falling for the conventionally unattractive girl.
Recommended by vee
The 'ugly' and clueless girl has to deal with her piteous day to day while she tries to find her own dream. The female lead is also constantly compared to her more beautiful and successful sister/best friend.
Recommended by Malu