My Secret Romance



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-they both have hot kisses, the cutesy feel and heart-pounding, fluttery moments.
-have the same director and some similar cast members
-if you disliked the last 3 episodes of My Secret Romance, Something about 1% will make up for it because it stays enjoyable until the end.
-rich guy poor girl theme and one parent forbidding their relationship
Recommended by bishh
- bad boy good girl kinda plot
- employee boss relation
-rich guy poor girl
-both has cute moments.. Nice kiss scenes.
- inexperienced girl
-both give great feels
- the main lead and female lead fall for each other at kinda same time and hence there is no unrequited love
- Both has kinda same vibe tho the plot is different.. I feel both are awesome dramas.. Just you is long and a bit cuter than secret romance
Recommended by Sandysan
The ML and FL only meet for a day where there romance develops really quickly. After that they are separated until they meet again by chance which causes their romance to re-bloom.
Recommended by AmynaA
Both deals with a man and a woman having a one night stand, but the man is serious about the woman and then gets separated. Then they somehow meet each other again and end up together. Like, one night stands are kinda scary for females but if the men are serious to have a relationship, it would make all the difference on the risks.
Recommended by pinkvanilla
This drama is fantastic and romantic, but is not cliche.
The man is cute and girl afraid of relationships.
Recommended by Jeh
Same plot essentially but different conflicts! The leads sleep together and then part ways but somehow run into each other and then are constantly put together to do things where they have to not only deal with one another but their own emotions as well.
Recommended by Wolfie689
Both are adorable fluffy romcoms.
Both leading ladies have an opportunity to further their careers after much disappointment, in that area... but the career opportunity brings them in close working relationships to men from their past. In A Girl & Three Sweethearts (you can find it here: ) she moves in with the man she has long had a crush on... but there are two brothers in the house that might turn her affections elsewhere.
In My Secret Romance (find it on dramafever), it is a man she had a one night stand with 3 yrs ago . Of course, there is already a man in her life, who is waiting for the right time to confess to her... but who will she be more moved by.
There is plenty of wondering if "he loves me/he loves me not" and "she loves me/she loves me not" in both. There is also adorable awkwardness while trying not to let on that they like them, but also wanting to do sweet things for them.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
Both dramas explore the impact of the past on an individual. While MSR focuses a lot more on the romance between the two leads, the other is much more touching and heartfelt in its message.
Recommended by Tenshinyan
Both of these dramas mainly focus on the developing romantic relationship between a boss and an employee at his company.
Recommended by hardpliers
- chairman's son (boss) and lowly employee
- theme of lunchboxes? though in this case, it's being given to the employee rather than boss
Recommended by Jay
Both dramas are romances. Main characters are spending a night with each other (one night stand) and after some time they're falling in love.
Recommended by tora_pl
The male leads give off the same vibe. Lie to Me the male lead is a bit more stiff. The female leads are somewhat similar. Also the second male leads are similar. My Secret Romance is like a more light hearted version.
Recommended by Unnie25
- rich guy falls for poor girl
- cute, romantic, cheesey
- they don't get off to a good start haha
Recommended by Angelica
Both couples in these dramas have a one-night stand in the beginning of their relationship and later their feelings are developing. Rich man, poor/ordinary woman. Romance and comedy, some drama. "You're my destiny" is more serious, "My secret romance" more cheesy.
Recommended by tora_pl
The same type of plot, cute, cheesey, and it's got the main guy in it!
Recommended by Angelica