Ashes of Love



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Both dramas:
- are set in the realm of deities;
- have an unforgettable love;
- have an heart-wrenching love story;
- secondary characters that made the main leads have misunderstandings;
- heavy fantasy with many creatures from Chinese mythology;
- beautiful scenaries;
- good CGI (Heavy Sweetness, Ask-like Frost one seems better).
Recommended by kayea
The dramas are nothing alike in feel and themes but the only thing that could take me out of my Ashes of Love slump was Bloody Romance. Watch one after the other and you won't regret.
Recommended by Nymphadora
Same female lead Yang Zi who literally has the best acting gig like you seriously will be hooked into her acting.
Both has one of the best plots for its genres.
Devoted leads who really love and care for each other.
No fake badass leads.
After watching both shows it’ll be forever stuck with you like seriously they’re both so amazing!
Recommended by Pinocchio
-First of both has a whole lot of schemes.
-Leading lady stole the show with their phenomenal acting(they know how to act).
-Lots of supporting who helps develop the story.
-Great plot probably one of the best for its genre.
-very satisfying ending
-both leading ladies are very determined

Recommended by Mimi
-great chemistry
-both are fantasy
-great plot
-amazing cgi
-leads can act very well
-lovely cinematography
-beautifully haunting ost's that will satisfy your crave for music
-did I say how great the leading couple are yet, their chemistry is totally off the charts, nothing beats it especially for Ashes Of Love.
Recommended by Mimi
-there’s fairies/gods
-side characters are funny puchi and moong god is like the lil Tiger really cute
-a lil misunderstanding going on but will get solved
Recommended by Pinocchio
Basically the same it’s historical/fantasy and Yang zi is the fl that’s naive too. The only differences is that in DOTWS xiao bai realizes her feelings early on, unlike our fl in HSALF where she didn’t realize it for a long time due to the unfeeling pill.
Recommended by Pinocchio
It’s like the same things you will love it it’s has romance Wuxia fantasy and kinda love triangle you get the point it’s a great drama you won’t regret watching it
Recommended by Rockyboy
Both are xianxias.
Both female leads starts off very innocent and even a bit silly then love brings some changes into their life. Both are flower goddesses, but they don't know it.
HSALF is funnier and is more open about its romance, but they are both some of the best xianxias.
Recommended by silvermcv
Betrayals. Magic. Heart-wrenching love. Beautiful OST. Amazing acting and cast. Great CG and effects. Chemistry between main leads is perfect.
Recommended by baekhyunniee
Ashes of Love has amazing CG animation, in combination with its torturing romance between main characters, and complex storyline. You see the development of the main leads, how they grow up with each other and taken different paths. The love story between the two main characters must go through many challenges no only from parents but also other love rivals...
Recommended by Alice
Both are the only shows where it's interesting from the get go( I was hooked since episode 1 for both which is rare since even popular or hyped shows takes awhile)

Second male lead loves female lead but decides to go for power, however 8th prince is more genuine and likeable while night is more for himself.

Definitely try out both shows if you're into scheming and chemistry where it's oozing out like crazy.
Recommended by Mimi
Yang Zi and Deng Lun act as lovers in both dramas. If you liked their chemistry, give Flowers in Fog a try!
Recommended by njlt_
Romeo and Juliet love story with two sworn men vying for the girl's love...
Brotherly love broken, betrayal and our couples' undying love in these bloody world.

Both of the female leads get the attention from male leads cause they are naive and overflowing with energy . They have pure and outspoken personalities separated them from the normal females of respective restricted eras .
Recommended by Myat
This is season 2 on this drama although it's not released yet but still if you like season 1 then you most like to watch season 2
Recommended by Kazoo