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Sep 24, 2018
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I would like to start by saying, you do not need to watch the Korean version first if you want to watch this version, since it is exactly the same. Some scenes are the same to the exact second. But that didn't really bother me. Considering that Age of Youth is my favourite kdrama I have ever watched. However, Personally I preferred this version rather than the Korean version. Mainly because I preferred the actors/actresses that played the characters they did. I think they suited the role more than the original characters in Age Of Youth.

I was really excited when I heard there was going to be a remake of this. The plot is really interesting and includes things such as gender norms, depression, suicidal tendencies, abusive relationships, PTSD, isolation, betrayal, sexuality, murder, eating disorders, child predators. These are elements that I like about the plot, since its something that (originally AOY) Korea wouldn't consider since they are quite picky or triggered about these things in general. For Korea (originally AOY) to make a drama including these elements is a big step for drama plots, in my opinion. These things are happening on a daily basis in real life, so i'm glad that they included as many things as they could and STILL made the story line interesting. A remake of AOY made me happy because it is shown that the impact of AOY's story line was being spread and recognised by the people in China and the viewers, wherever they come from, who don't watch Kdramas and more Cdrama's (or vise-versa) will be able to recognise these things and be aware of it. This impact made me be more noticeable of things in my everyday life because of the thoroughness and effort they made in this plot. Although I had already seen the original version of this drama, i still rated the story 10, because the plot in general is amazing and is played amazingly by both actors and actresses in both dramas that i couldn't rate it less.

Some characters I found less intimidating in this version but that could just be because I watched AOY first and knew them first. However, I prefer the characters played by the actors/actresses in this drama than the original. This is because their overall appearance suited the character more, since i already got to know the characters in AOY, I was expecting the characters to be lower than my expectations, but I was wrong. I felt more of an attraction and connection to the characters in Youth, rather than AOY. But, If they remake season 2 of AOY, I hope they do not replace XiaoChun for another character, just because they replaced EunJae (AOY) for another actress due to the real actresses circumstances. However, this might affect some scenes in Youth 2, if they want to make it exactly the same.

I loved the music. The 2 minute long intro, i never skipped because the song was so good! The background music in the actual drama was amazing too and fit the scenes perfectly. I do not have any criticism for this.

I would definitely consider re-watching this anytime. Before watching this, many times I had considered rewatched the whole of AOY. But, now I had watched this completely, although having to stop watching for a while due to studying and exams, the Chinese remake is now my more favourite than Age Of Youth, and would consider re-watching this version rather than the original.

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