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Because This is My First Life



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Because This is My First Life (2017)

In each drama, their is a girl with very good qualifications who ends up moving in a socially awakward -yet accomplished- man.
This living arrangement will lead to a marriage of convenience.
Recommended by Sady
Both shows are written by the same people and have a very similar feeling. They seem cute, innocent and lighthearted on the surface but address problems in society at the same time, especially concerning women’s rights. There are very progressive themes in both shows that you don’t find in most dramas. I highly recommend them both! I promise you won’t regret it :))
Recommended by sai-fy
while watching BTIMFL, the main couple kept reminding me of cheese in the trap couple. I think they have a similar couple dynamics.
Recommended by Roonilwazlib
For those that can not get enough Contract Romance.
In both dramas the couples end up living together due to circumstances. In both dramas, the couples sign a contract and enter into a fake relationship. Both dramas are done well and are in my top 20 all time favorites.
The personalities of the characters is different
Because this is my first life is a little more slow paced and thoughtful. Full House has more comedy. This Thai remake of the original Korean drama Full House is 10yrs. newer and has great Chemistry between the leads! Very worth the watch, even if you do not usually watch Thai dramas.
Recommended by kdramasinpajamas
These dramas are both innocent cohabitation stories, and it's very focused on the main characters and their feelings, which was the best part in my opinion. I often dislike it when dramas try to cram so much into the story that they neglect to develop the main story, the reason why people watch in the first place. There's lots of cute moments in both stories, but they're realistic and not diabetes inducing or forced. I highly recommend them both, and if you liked one, I'm sure you'll like the other! :))
Recommended by sai-fy
Somehow they both give off a similar vibe. I feel that the humour (I laughed so hard in SWDBS and am finally finding something that makes me laugh just as much with BTIMFL) and the mix of lighthearted romance with pretty serious elements are kind of similar.
The storyline and the characters are totally different though. Although they are kind of the only progressive k-dramas out there: strong female leads and challenge of traditions.
Recommended by Wawa
Not the same plot. Not exactly the same theme. But both talk about marriage in mature tone. Both has beautiful dialogues, scenes, writing and directing. And as a plus, this has great sceneries to boast. Indeed a well-produced drama.
Recommended by reika
They have the same realistic but comedic feeling. Both deal with the struggles of korean youth/young adults and the main male leads are anti-social.
Recommended by SaraLourenco
I think both of these have many similar concepts. In both of these dramas, there is a couple having trouble in their long relationship. There is also also a similarity in the concept of “dreams” too.
Recommended by Caroline
The best writing, lines, act, cast The best Drama of 2017 and for me one of the best drama ever if not the best.
Recommended by Carmen Acosta
Has similar themes like: Contract Marriage/ relationship. Sassy leads and real issues as to why they do can't stay together.
Recommended by vs_meghana
Both have funny scenes and focuses on 3 different relationships. Both have a mature romance feel to it. If you loved one you'll definitely love the other!
Recommended by Dilone
7.9 Goong (2006)
Falling in love after getting married! Goong has a bit more tears and teenage drama while Because this is my first life is a bit more mature but innocent in a way as well, both are focusing mainly on the development of the main couple's relationship. Also, the main actresses look quite similar.
Recommended by ayacherry
Both dramas are sweet and about two totally different people developing feelings for each other as they learn to depend on the other while living together, although Kimi wa petto is a bit more extreme with the conditions for tenancy ;)
Recommended by ayacherry
Lee Min Ki in both dramas as the main lead! Cannot unsee though that he plays a kind of reversed role in Because this is my first life as opposed to Dalja's spring; while he is the younger guy dating an older woman in the older drama, he is certainly Dalja in This is my first life, what with being an old spinster type of guy, counting his money and being all scrooge-y.
Recommended by ayacherry