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Angel's Last Mission: Love Episode 14

Kang Woo Gets to Know Dan's Identity

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Yeon Seo helps the corps to do volunteer work at the sanatorium. She tries to show her sincerity to them, so she tries her best. She suggests Kang Woo that he should hold an audition for “Giselle”. Ni Na goes to Elena to ask her for help. Meanwhile, Kang Woo gets to know that Dan is an angel. (Source: KOCOWA)
  • Aired: June 12, 2019

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Jun 15, 2019

6.0/10 - Powerful epsidoe.

Yeon Seo's tacit is very smart to try and win over the ballet corps. However, one day wouldn't be enough.

Well the healed arm was the last bit, and the quotes. Angel reports clearly did him in though. Ha-ha! It's scary! Would Kang Woo really let Yeon Seo find out so it would kill or harm Kim Dan.

This episode is more proof that they're meant to be. They're both bad cooks! Kim Dan is such a tease! Picking her up so she doesn't burn her feet and leaning in like that. When he said ramen you just know Yeon Seo was like, "Really all that sexy, and you don't make a move!!?"

These little bits of Kim Dan's past seems so out of place. I don't know why. We're slowly learning, but I think the reveals are so tiny and spread apart they feel sporadic. Also, Hoo must not know what is really going on. So the dream felt off. Then the whole dramatic thing by bringing in our blind couple to create all that fear for a forbidden love.

Kang Woo's actions make me believe that maybe he wasn't just punished for choosing a human. I think maybe he was already a bad personality before that. The kind guy we see while he was in love was brief.

Though that whole thing with Hoo and the older couple makes me think being an Angel is just awful. Why can't one of his missions be to comfort this woman in her last dies. Hoo even said a few months are nothing. After all these Angels are out their in human lives, how could they not be affected. Though I'm thinking that the ones at risk are apparently ones with missions that require human bodies.

Which brings me back to Hoo not knowing the whole picture. I mean he looked shocked about Kang Woo showing up and I don't believe he knows he's a fallen angel. (So the handkerchief feather turns dark if a Angel is killed/disappeared or apparently cursed.) Clearly Kim Dan was a human boy first and had a past with Yeon Seo.

Well the fear is doubled up and who would blame Kim Dan for running away. Yet, he's supposed to complete his mission or also suffer the same fate. That's crappy.

I am super happy about Ni Na deciding to fight for her dream. Maybe we'll see even more of her growing now. Maybe that is Kang Woo's inadvertent mission. He inspired Ni Na. ^_-

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