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Main Role

Support Role

  • Im Won Hee
    Son Hyun Ki [Producer]
    Support Role
  • Shim Hyung Tak
    Hwang Byung Shim / Hwang Dong Hyuk [Mi Ran’s ex-boyfriend / College professor]
    Support Role
  • Kim Won Hae
    Ma Dong Shik [Dong Chan's younger brother] | Ma Pil Go [Dong Chan's father] (Ep. 2)
    Support Role
  • Jeon Soo Kyung
    Ma Dong Joo [Dong Chan's sister]
    Support Role
  • Yoon Seok Hwa
    Kim Won Jo [Dong Chan’s mother]
    Support Role
  • Jung Hae Kyun
    Kim Hong Seok [CEO of TV Show broadcasting]
    Support Role
  • Park Choong Seon
    Go Yoo Han [Mi Ran's father]
    Support Role
  • Kil Hae Yeon
    [Mi Ran's mother]
    Support Role
  • Seo Hyun Chul
    Hwang Gap Soo [Bio-research professor]
    Support Role
  • Seo Jung Yeon
    Oh Young Sun [Byung Shim's wife]
    Support Role
  • Park Hee Jin
    Park Kyung Ja [Mi Ran's friend]
    Support Role
  • Oh Ah Rin
    Ma Seo Yoon [Dong Shik's daughter]
    Support Role
  • Lee Moo Saeng
    Jo Ki Beom [Gap Soo's aide]
    Support Role
  • Yoon Na Moo
    Go Nam Tae [Mi Ran's little brother]
    Support Role
  • Choi Bo Min
    Hwang Ji Hoon [College Student / Byung Shim's son]
    Support Role
  • Kang Yoo Seok
    Park Young Joon [Hwang Ji Hoon's friend]
    Support Role
  • Hong Seo Baek
    Producer Lee
    Support Role
  • Han Jae Yi
    Support Role
  • Nam Min Woo
    Kim Ji Oh [PD]
    Support Role
  • Lee Do Yup
    Baek Yeong Tak [Detective / Dong Joo's ex-husband]
    Support Role
  • Kim Bup Rae
    Lee Seok Du / Lee Hyeong Du [CEO of Unsung group]
    Support Role
  • Jeon Byung Wook
    [Lee Seok Du's secretary]
    Support Role
  • Lee Bong Ryun
    Park Yoo Ja [Fortuneteller]
    Support Role
  • Kim Min Chul
    [Teacher Assistant]
    Support Role

Guest Role

  • Lee Byung Hun
    Kim Jin [1999's Hyun Gi's aide] (Ep. 1-2, 10)
    Guest Role
  • Lee Hong Ki
    Son Hyun Gi [1999 self] (Ep. 1-2, 10)
    Guest Role
  • Baro
    Hwang Byung Shim [1999 self] (Ep. 1-2)
    Guest Role
  • Chae Seo Jin
    Na Ha Young [1999 self] (Ep. 1-3)
    Guest Role
  • Oh Ha Nee
    Park Kyung Ja [1999 self] (Ep. 1-4, 11)
    Guest Role
  • Song Ji Eun
    Oh Young Sun [1999 self] (Ep. 1-4)
    Guest Role
  • Kang Ki Doong
    Ma Dong Shik [1999 self] (Ep. 2, 11)
    Guest Role
  • Han Da Sol
    Ma Dong Joo [1999 self] (Ep. 2)
    Guest Role
  • Lee Do Gyeom
    Baek Yeong Tak [1999 self] (Ep. 1-2)
    Guest Role
  • Park Min Soo
    Go Nam Tae [Child] (Ep. 1-3)
    Guest Role
  • Tony Ahn
    Himself [Award show MC] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Robin Deiana
    Nikolai [Killer] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Kim Wook
    Jo Ki Beom [1999 self] (Ep. 1-3)
    Guest Role
  • Choi Ri
    [Woman who rides water-bike with Byung Shim] (Ep. 1)
    Guest Role
  • Seo Sang Won
    Dr. Yoon (Ep. 3-4, 6, 12)
    Guest Role
  • Im Jae Geun
    [Music store owner] (Ep. 3)
    Guest Role
  • Choi Na Moo
    [Police Officer] (Ep. 3)
    Guest Role
  • Yang Hyun Min
    [Thug] (Ep. 5-6)
    Guest Role
  • Ra Mi Ran
    Kang Ok Bong [Panelist] (Ep. 6)
    Guest Role
  • Kim Soo Ro
    Yoo Ji Min [Panelist] (Ep. 6)
    Guest Role
  • Jung Myung Joon
    Yoo Woo Jun [Panelist] (Ep. 6)
    Guest Role
  • Jung Sung Ho
    [Debate show MC] (Ep. 6)
    Guest Role
  • Kwon Hyuk Soo
    [President of South Korea] (Ep. 6)
    Guest Role
  • Kim Jong Goo
    Kim Shi Seok [Hong Seok's boss] (Ep. 7-8, 12)
    Guest Role
  • Yoon Joo Man
    Terry Kim / Kim Hyeon Do [Lee Seok Du's Hitman] (Ep. 7, 9-12, 14-15)
    Guest Role
  • Han Ki Woong
    Lee Jung Woo [Lee Seok Du's son] (Ep.12-13)
    Guest Role
  • Park Jin Young
    Jang Woo Shin [Man who wants to go inside the cryonic capsule] (Ep.14)
    Guest Role
  • Choi Dae Sung
    Kim Jin [Present Self]
    Guest Role
  • Yeom Dong Hun
    Seo Yoon Suk [professor]
    Guest Role