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Both have the same sense of humour and over the top characters, so if you liked one, I'm pretty sure you'll also like the other.
Recommended by Kristal
As far as over the top comedy and characters go, these two dorama are similar in taste. The stories are different, but they're both very funny.
Recommended by Kristal
they both have a similar style: light, funny, and touching moments. Both have a high school setting and are manga adaptions so the story revolves around school events like festivals, etc.
Recommended by drkangel41
The stories are similar because the male lead is a gangster, or seen as one, who is approached by different groups looking to fight even though the person they are looking to fight is not actually the male lead. Both also have a strong female lead.
Recommended by JustBruck
Same vibe, similar setting with lessons about being true to oneself and some kickass fighting.
They both have male lead who are confused about their future, female lead who strives to be perfect and a guy friend who's timid.
Recommended by IWatchDramas
then some how seem story but teacher version

ewly graduate Yamaguchi Kumiko an idealistic teacher who entered Shirokin High to be a math teacher. Having high hopes for her students, her world turned up side down when she finds out that she'll be teaching the class 3-D the hardest class to take care of. Class 3-D is a bunch of students who looks more like delinquents and trouble makers. The students show no respect to teachers nor a little kindness. Each and every student doesn't like teacher for almost everyone has no good memories of them. The leader of the class is Sawada Shin. He is well respected for there are rumors that he beat a teacher to death. The students try there hardest to bully and make fun of her so she'll quit but all there efforts went to waste because Yamaguchi ain't an ordinary Teacher. Yamaguchi Kumiko is actually the 4th generation heir to Oedo group, a yakuza clan. Even though everyone in there clan wants her to the next leader, she made up her mind and so everyone accepted it. Eventually in the story, the students found out that she is different from other teacher and earned their respects. They called her Yankumi...
Recommended by QueenAugustD
Not much similarity but in both dramas the lead girl is their class monitor and tries to solve her classmates' problems with the help of the male lead.
Recommended by Arkansas
A lot of sensless fighting, the people who fight Adachi all want to folow her like Maeda.They both seem to be comedies to me but Majisuka Gakuen seems more like a parody, but the humor is more obvious in Yankee-Kun.
Recommended by blackstar_aria
both main actors are good in fighting ! and both fall in love which each other ! :)
Recommended by usagi_oimikado