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A Company Man is also an Action/Thriller and it gives a similar vibe to A Man From Nowhere and No Tears For The Dead
Recommended by IzzyDramaLover
Films quite similar to each other, and the creator of the two films is the same person.
Recommended by Opie-Winston
Both protagonists are out to save a little girl, both stories are full of blood and violence, and both stories have an amazingly hot guy.
Recommended by goldenseal50
Both have a strong sense of drama-driven action in them. The scenes are well preformed and the movies keep you on the edge of your seats.
Recommended by Animya
They're both about men who seemingly don't care about anything slowly but surely starting to care about children that aren't related to them. Though in 'phantom detective' the main characters starts caring about two sisters, whilst in 'the man from nowhere' he starts caring about one little girl.

Plot-wise these movies are nothing alike. I would say that 'phantom detective' has a lighter tone than 'the man from nowhere', though.
Recommended by pleasanttales
another of those typical movies with a lot of violence and gun shots.. altough this one has a lot more violence and is only for 18+ viewers
Recommended by crystal
Both are about men who turn into "monsters" trying to get revenge after seeing someone they know being violently murdered.
Recommended by bayanoh
Both are trying to save the life of a young girl.. Also, Kim Sae Ron is the role of the young girl.
Recommended by LittlePrince
Although there is a large time disparity between the two shows as well as locale, they are amazing. These movies have action choreographed the way it should be. Tight, beautiful, efficient, and brutal. Though there is a scene or two where the wire work is obvious in Kenshin where there is none in Ajussi they are both spectacular for the action genre. The way fights are choreographed in these films is the standard to which all should be held.
Recommended by Hangebokhan
both productions are about man trying to rescue someone they value, fulled with action and underground world. man from nowhere is in my idea more impactful as it's a movie and gives the feeling short and strong, my beautiful bride is no less enjoyable. but are worth watching.
Recommended by tendele
Same premise of someone fighting to save a child who has been taken, however in The Man From Nowhere it is his younger neighbor and not a younger sibling.
Recommended by Charlie
A man gets involved with a child in a battle and he helps her
when i was watching blade of the immortal i was thinking of the man from nowhere
Recommended by Lulu
The Man From Nowhere involves the main character trying to save a young girl from Mafia type people. In Man on High Heels the main character is feared by all gangs and at some point must save someone he loves from one of these gangs. Similar violence and action.
Recommended by MisbehavingCub
Both stories are full of blood and crime that involves childrens, also both have the same cult action atmosphere.
Recommended by Belmani
Both have a main male character who is outcast in the society until something pure and innocent brings him back. However, after coming back he find he needs to deal with difficulties.
Recommended by compay