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kim soo hyun act as a spy in this movie and act as a dumb person,but actually he is a special force from his country who have a kind hearted, and at the end he was so cool as fighter he has a abs to...
Recommended by Qonita Maulidya
Both story about young north korea spy send to south korea for a mission.
Recommended by annienas
Both deal with North-Korea and South-Korea and show the conflict of the two countries.
While Confidential Assignment has a North and a South-Korean Cop cooperating and shows a bit of the South Korean perspective of North Korea; Secretly, Greatly deals with North-Korean Soldiers and Spies undercover in South Korea.
Both movies have amazing action scenes, a great story and are also really funny.

Recommended by Min
The execution is very different, but both follow a group of North Korean spies in South Korea who start to form relationships with each other and with their neighbors.
Recommended by zeamays
Even though the setting is completely different, they give off a similar vibe and both movies show emerging friendships between a unlikely group of people.
Recommended by Miaya
If you're looking for epic bromance with fantastic action and a strong story with a soul, watch this.
Recommended by Psychosinner
Again, they're both stories with a soul. And extremely bromance heavy. Secretly Greatly is about spies and Friend is about gangsters. The tragedy aspect Secretly is definitely more tragic but Friend isn't a pretty story either.
Recommended by Psychosinner
Both equally tragic and action oriented although Hwayi is more sinister from the start. Heavy bromances and messed up characters trying to fight their love for a messed up family. In Hwayi it's the family that kidnapped the main lead and raised him to be a monster. In Secretly the two spies act like parents toward the younger kid, even though he's a trigger happy north korean spy raised to be a monster. It's heartbreaking to see them love each other and also be forced to destroy one another.
Recommended by Psychosinner
If you like action and heart, you'll probably like these films.

With SG you start with some ridiculously (and slapstick) funny moments, and later more spy thriller and action moments.

With TMFN you get some heart at the start and more and more action.

They're not very similar, but they're both entertaining.
Recommended by MJ