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Somewhere in Europe :)


Somewhere in Europe :)

  Hello, Hello, Helloo  


About Me:

name:  Min

I've been watching dramas since:  ~2015

I mostly watch:  Korean dramas, movies & TV-shows

Sometimes i watch Japanese dramas for school, although i generally prefer Korean dramas :)

My favorite genre:  Comedy

(as long as a drama has decent Comedy i will definitely watch it till the end)

More genres i like:  Medical, Psychological, Fantasy (Vampire)/Supernatural, Investigation/Crime,...

Least favorite genres:   Sport, Adventure, (Political, Historical (depends on the implementation of the topics in the drama))...

(Some of) My favorite Korean dramas:  Chief Kim, W, Goblin, Healer, Gap Dong, Rooftop Prince, Hello Monster, Please come back Mister

(Some of) My favorite Korean movies:  Secretly Greatly, The Accidental Detective, Midnight Runners, Seondal: The Man who sells the river

(Some of) My favorite Korean TV/Variety shows: Crime Scene, Abnormal Summit, Knowing Bros, I can see your voice

note:  favorite/least favorite doesn't mean "best" (as in ratings)

 (Some of) My favorite Korean actors:   Ji Chang Wook, Lee Joon, Sung Dong Il, Jung Woong In, Lee Jun Ho, Lee Jong Suk

(Some of) My favorite Korean actresses:   Kim Mi Kyung, Kim Seul Gi, Jun Soo Jin, Lee Yong Nyeo, Kang So Ra

I listen to a lot of Kpop and Kdrama OST's, although i'm currently not really "fangirling" over anybody/any group.


Feel free to add me and message me ^^ 

I'd love to hear some recommendations or give some to you as well :D 

Also, i apologise in advance English is not my first language, so i'm sure to make some mistakes.

❤️ Currently Participating in the: 2018 Watch Challenge ❤️

   Bye, Have a great Day! :D  


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