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They both have very intelligent main characters with strategic minds who fight for what they believe to be correct. Both dramas are very well written, keeping the audience engaged from beginning to end.
Recommended by wolfgirl9
If you are looking for a well-executed business world revenge plot similar to the one found in Miss Devil, Hanzawa Naoki is the drama for you. Both dramas feature protagonists who are out to find the perpetrators of their childhood family traumas. The only difference is that Hanzawa Naoki has an extremely well-written story line; the show is so fast-paced you can easily binge the series without getting bored. Hanzawa Naoki also takes place at a bank and not an insurance company, but the atmosphere feels the same. Please give it a watch, it's one of the highest rated Japanese dramas of the decade.
Recommended by Mitsukirox101
Same actor, similar personality, great cast and fun to watch, also Legal High has another season which I also recommend
Recommended by sotashi
Both dramas follow the tale of protagonists who dedicate their life (aka career) to taking down a criminal who wronged them during childhood. Very fast paced and entertaining!

Hanzawa Naoki is set in the banking industry but the story is intense, shocking, and exciting to the very last episode just like Ouroboros. There isn't as much physical action mainly because Ikuo and Tatsuya were at actual crime scenes most of the time, but I believe anyone can enjoy Hanzawa Naoki's story.
Recommended by Mitsukirox101
The plot progression and the fight against the organization is somewhat similar, add to it the intelligent and smart male leads. Although the general drama vibes are different, with Chief Kim being a laugh out loud comedy. Recommend both dramas to all fans of either.
Recommended by Preeti Ravindra
Both are about banking, and black sheep protagonists whose philosophy is that banking is about people rather than just money. Both show the drama of what is behind a loan, and how it ultimately impacts lives and the overall economy, although Hanzawa Naoki is far more suspenseful.
Recommended by usagisaiko
They are pretty similar lessons, paths.
makes me write mores so I have to, sorry.
Recommended by moonie11355
Both talk about how to survive in business world, taking cruel measurements sometimes, and the same vibe of 'fighting till the end' of Hanzawa clearly manifests in Hosokawa.

Both dramas, though focused about business, include other issues of love, persistence, failure, and success.
Recommended by mascot
Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai and Hanzawa Naoki both stories happen in the bank and giving loan to businesses ..
Recommended by xxMayaxx
Like Roosevelt Game, both series have in common a great deal of staff: producers, directors, novel author and screenwriter. You should watch it if you liked Hanzawa Naoki!
Recommended by AlbertoFEM