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You Who Came from the Stars Episode 20

The Twentieth Record

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With one week left before he leaves, Song Yi and Min Joon spend each day as if they had seventy more years left together.
  • Aired: February 26, 2014

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Nov 26, 2016

The emotions!!!!

I love that Song Yi returned the words from Young Mok to Min Joon, that she likes him more than the thinks. It's moving. In fact, this whole episode is moving. I love that their final week was boring and mundane, like life. Those are the moments you cherish. Not to mention Min Joon's words on goodbye to Young Mok. Their relationship is one of my favorite things about YWCftS. I don't want Min Joon to leave Song Yi, but I don't want him to leave Young Mok even more!

I loved pretty much everything about this episode. Normally I'd give such an episode a 9 because of the minor story flaws, but I just can't because the emotions and all of the actors here delivered. I feel the pain that either his death or leaving will cause. The moments of pure joy are wonderful and I love how I'm torn between crying and laughing.

The moments Min Joon gets to spend with Song Yi's family are so dear. They make you appreciate family. While there are some glaring plot holes and some rushed/awkward plot points made and moved, this episode will stick with me.

Well done. I love that we get to see what Song Yi recorded for Min Joon and that she finally got to hear the words she longs for. Though it will be painful if this ends with them getting married--good!--only for them to be separated. I hate plots like that (Rooftop Prince anyone?). It is a romantic gesture, but no matter how vicious I can be (I'm always screaming for character blood!) I love a happy ending.

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Jun 5, 2014

River of tears

I have been crying too much in the last half of this episode that my pillow is soaked. Even though I like Do Min Joon, I initially wanted him to die in the end (To make it the most memorable drama). But after watching this episode, I change my mind, don't leave/die Do Min Joon, Please.
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May 15, 2014


That ending really touched my heart. I can't wait to see the last episode. Part of me is hoping they can stay together, and the other part of me is hoping that the guy who actually deserves Song Yi (Kyung) will end up with her. Only time will tell...or in this case an episode!
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Feb 27, 2014

Tears :'(

I've been crying whole time of this episode. I couldn't stopped my tears. Every time DMJ is crying I'm crying too. I'm really hoping for the happy ending, and I don't know why, but I have that feeling that tells me I'm right.

Please writers!
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Feb 27, 2014

Funny Touching

First things first: anyone else thought that the gender roles were completely switched in the last seconds...even the way he cried. so cute \(^-^)/ AND I was so glad he could have his happy moments with her just like he dreamed. So many funny and lovely scenes: her becoming HIS manager, the prosecutor changing facts for him, the family dinner and of course his farewell from lawyer jang. TOUCHING but not melodramatic. Halfway through I began wondering whether it's really a KDrama I'm watching.^^
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Feb 27, 2014

Never ending tears

So, I've been crying pretty much every episode of this drama after ep 15 and this week's was no different, still tears. It was beautiful though and DMJ makes me cry whenever he cries too :((( but! I think that CSY and DMJ will (hopefully!) have a happy ending because he keeps having these little interviews inbetween (remember My gf is a Gumiho, guys?!), talking in PAST tense annndd! He's still in his library, so I'm very hopeful for tomorrow.

If not.. Then, well. I don't know. I'll cry until the writers change the ending :D
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