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Guy and girl gets "forced" to marry, but hate each other, and then end up falling in love.. In both series, both uncover a secret that will change their lives forever. Can they forgive each other's past and continue a happy life?
Recommended by Kimberly
wallace and tiffany in both dramas as main leads, in chinese paladin, they couldn't be together but in perfect couple they ended up together, this is supposed to be a conpensation for all chinese paladin3 lovers, the weirdness of chinese paladin's ending was similar to that of perfect couple, but the later had a happier vibe .
Recommended by Maryama
Historical and Chinese and funny. The chemistry is alike. Definitely both awesome :)
Recommended by Sapaieo
Both are Historical Chinese Drama, but Destined to love you is set in a much more resent past. In both the main lead girl is from a modest family an skilled in martial art. For the sake of her mother she end up impersonate an other girl she just met. In Perfect couple she get married with the main male lead instead of the other girl, in Destined to love you she get fiancee with the guy instead of her. At the beginning both couple doesn't like each other and fight but after some time feeling grows...
The girl she took the identity came back later and everything became more complicate…
Plus there is some conspiracy in both...
Recommended by Imoen
Both have kick ass female leads and laugh out loud moments. Both male leads are quite smart and though they lack the physical punch, they usually come out on top of most confrontations.

They both play on the idea of the male lead falling unexpectedly for someone they are engaged with/married and wanting to give up anything for that love. Both got a bit boring in the middle when the melodrama kicked in as they both had an overarching Evil Plot to overcome.
Recommended by reinie
Around the same time that erra - Qing Dynasty, which was the last dynasty in China's history. Storyline a little similar, involving about a humble girl and a noble young master from a rich family. And behind the noble family's ugly secrets.
Recommended by ALEXANDRIA
In both dramas lead actor is Tiffany Tang, who acts a serious but easy going/fun loving person. The dramas' story are similar because main character (acted by a Tiffany Tang) uses someone else's name to go to a family either to find someone or take revenge. Both drama are really strict to the point but with a twist of Tiffany Tang's character's humor. Which allows both dramas to be suspenseful in a good way. Tiffany Tang's historical dramas takes creativity and romance to another level.
Recommended by LinLi
Marriage at the begining, crossdressing, similar clever heroine and similar feeling of these shows, but the end of PC is realy funny.
Recommended by loranar
Consists of similar comedy styles between the two dramas and bickering otp becoming lovers storyline.
Recommended by Ally
Both are romances about a female that marry a rich man. The females are free spirits and don't any crap from anyone. The males are almost like control freaks when it comes to their wives. Both are amazing and should be watched from start to end.
Recommended by AbigaylePrice
They both are arranged marriage dramas. Both have humorous and lovely scenes that livens up ur day. The main girl lead for both drama knows martial arts and the main guy for both drama investigates cases too.
Recommended by Gnav_Irol03
Rich main guy from a popular family
Poor main girl with a good heart
Switched bride marries the main guy
Couple falling in love gradually after marriage
Perfect couple has comedy while Mask is dark
Recommended by 3ngin33r
In both dramas the female lead lies to the one she loves and ends up being hurt !
Recommended by Dounie
there is a similarity between this 2 drama where the husband at first don't like the wife but end up loving her eventually.
Recommended by annienas
Both stories are set in the same dynasty as well as the same element of a marriage, adding humorous features and scenes.
Recommended by ChristinaS