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Hi! Nice to me you. I am a huge fan for Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese Dramas. Chinese is my Native Language so I can read and write it. Hobbies are: Watch dramas. watching dramas, and watch even more dramas. Don't have much to do in my life. People say it's just a waste of my time but, thanks to dramas I can write read Chinese both Simplified and Traditionally and also understand Korean.

My favorite dramas are:

From Korea

I hear your voice


Which is an amazing drama in which my favorite actor leads in:

My Drama List- I hear your voice

Lee Jong Suk! ❤️

Image result for lee jong suk handsome

Image result for lee jong suk handsome

Well this profile might as well turn into a fandom page but continuing with:

The Gu family book:

Image result for gu family book

Another drama starring amazing actors, Suzy and Lee Seung Gi 

Its basically about love, love, fantasy, love triangle, creepy plot, and more.

My Drama List- Gu family Book

Finally the last Korean drama:

Bride of the century

Image result for bride of the century

Its a beautiful drama. especially the cast though, Perfect! Though the main guy lead, Lee Hong Ki is a little short. He looks so good and sings really well too. He matches perfectly with the main girl lead, Yang Jin Sung.

My Drama List- Bride of the Century

Lee Hong Ki's Amazing Ost for this drama

Though there is so many dramas I love but, I have to end the Korean drama list right now. Or else this would be never ending.

Lets take a break by looking at some Korean drama memes:

Image result for korean drama memes

Image result for korean drama memes

Image result for korean drama memes

Image result for korean drama memes

Image result for korean drama memes

Chinese drama list: I watched more Chinese dramas than Korean dramas so far because Chinese was my second language. So it is kind of hard replaying playing all the best drama I watched since I was 7. But, anyway.

My amazing boyfriend

Image result for my amzing boyfriend

This drama is a really good drama. The main leads went really well with each other and the story is touching. Of course I have to make a point that it kind of reminds me of twilight. Don't watch it expecting it to be like twilight because it is not. The twilight part is just a random thing that I connected it too. Just saying it is made somewhat recently. (2016) The second seasons comes out at like December 2017.

My Drama List- My amazing boyfriend

The second Chinese drama:

A different kind of pretty man

Image result for a different kind of pretty man

This cast is great. the story is great. It is one of the type of dramas that you will be like wait-- no-- stop it-- no---yes keep on going---- no! But, the story is supernatural but, just saying the main girl leads voice is a little squeaky so it might get annoying but, you will get use to it. (Hopefully...)

My Drama List- A different kind of pretty man

The last chines drama goes to: (Drumroll please)

New My Fair princess

Image result for new my fair princess'

Though everyone might ask me why choose New My fair princess over the original one. It all starts with the cast. I really love Li Sheng especially since she is the main lead acting with another old time favorite Zhang Rui. I like this better because it is cuter and the old one has bad quality. The story is really complex but. will give you a relationship bond between the characters. (after all 98 episodes)

My Drama List- New My fair princess

Lets, take another break with some Chinese drama memes.

(Noticed that there is no Chinese drama memes)

Okay, let's take time to appreciate time and effort that comes with great picture from Chinese dramas.

Image result for chinese drama

(Scene from Perfect Couple) (Tiffany Tang!!)

Image result for chinese drama

(Scene from Diamond lover) (Tiffany Tang❤️❤️)

Image result for chinese drama

(cover from Cruel romance)

Image result for chinese drama

(Cover from Legend of fragrance) (yet again Tiffany Tang!!) ( I got to stop with Tiffany Tang)

Image result for chinese drama

(Cover from Boss and Me)

List of Taiwanese dramas: Love Taiwanese dramas too because they give a bubbly feeling to people especially with great written stories.

First up:


Image result for bromance taiwan drama

From the title you might think it is male love but, is not. Read the summary if you want to know more! But, this was really touching story with comedy. It is one of the best quality gender bender dramas out there. Especially, since it is really popular these.

My Drama List- Bromance

Second: (So hard to choose though)

Sweet Sweet Bodyguard

Image result for Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Taiwan Drama

Okay, first of all the cover looks nothing like what they actually look like. Only like the eyes and hair style. But, getting to the point the main leads are actually better looking than that. The drama is really nice the only problem is that the beginning of every episode there is this weird opening. Don't mind that and just watch it. I skipped over this great drama because of that until I decided to watch that opening through.

Lastly (the final one!)

Moon river

Image result for moon river taiwanese drama

Moon river is really great drama but, let's just say it has these awkward moments. The girl is weird looking and acts like a villager, don't want to spoil anything. But, the main female actor is actually really good looking.The story is great and the main couple have great chemistry.

My Drama List- Moon river

Thanks for looking at my profile and hope you can enjoy the rest of my favorite actresses/ actors/ singers.

Image result for tiffany tang 2016

(Tiffany Tang)

Image result for yang mi

(Yang Mi)

Image result for lau hawick

(Lau Hawick + Yang Mi)

Image result for Lee Jong Suk gif

(Lee Jong Suk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Image result for IU Gif


Image result for Lee Hong Ki

(Lee Hong Ki)

Image result for lee joon-gi

(Lee Joon Gi)

Image result for kim soo Hyun gif

(Kim Soo hyun)

Image result for Hwang Jung Eum

(Hwang Jung Eum)

Though I love many... I can't put all of them :( especially since it would take someone forever to scroll down. If anyone saw one of my comments either good or bad. Reply! :) But, please don't pick on my grammar especially in drama world.


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