Discovery of Romance



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Both are about Ex's meeting again and giving love a second chance. Beware of Second lead syndrome
Recommended by RandomShell
They have simalar male lead where you see the good side of a person, but in ,,something about 1`` percent is not love triangle
Recommended by Valentina Spasova
It's not quite related to the plot or characters personalities but while watching "Again miss Oh" I got the same feeling as I watched "Discovery of romance". Both dramas have interesting characters that you can't really hate. Also, both are good rom-comedies with lots of emotions filled with love, anger, hate and regrets. Both are more mature than usual kdramas. And, also, Eric are leading guy in both dramas!
Recommended by ChunElla
When I watched Go Ho's Starry Night, I thought there are some similarities with Her Lovely Heels. But I think if you're into stories that involve a love triangle between a woman, her new guy and her ex-boyfriend I think you should watch Discovery of Romance and Go Ho's Starry Night.
Recommended by Dia
both are about a woman who has to choose between her ex boyfriend/husband and a new man
Recommended by Pan-Dal-Ma
The plot of "On the Way..." reminded me a lot of Discovery of Romance. It was in a way, cheating but not cheating... There are both scenes on both dramas where you will feel the thrill of "getting caught". But its more felt on Discovery of Romance.

OTWTTA is similar to DOR in a sense that, they both have very confused female leads. Although the female lead in DOR is confused if she should choose an old love over the new, while in OTWTTA, the female lead is more into holding on to her old love while denying in her mind that this new male in her life is just a friend, but nevertheless, makes her feel better about herself.

Both dramas has a female lead thinking of keeping their current relationships, (husband or boyfriend) but another male came in (or came back) to shake their emotions, thus the drama. Plus in both dramas, you will be hooked by first episodes. They are fast paced and addicting.

The difference would be, in DOR, it is much more thrill of getting caught, but in OTWTTA, its much more calmer and comforting. Also, the husband in OTWTTA has the relationship broken already from the start of the series. While in DOR, the boyfriend is really playing it nice just to work out the relationship.
Recommended by pinkvanilla
Both are about broken up couple meeting again after a long time but now one of them has a new partner leading to a triangle
Recommended by 3ngin33r
There is same scriptwriter, so you should expect same atmosphere.
Recommended by loranar
Same fuzzy feeling between the leads plus sassy heroine makes both dramas great!
Recommended by 151885
Same scriptwriter. You can find, that there is same main actress in both dramas.
Recommended by loranar
Same scriptwriter (she has typical own "handwriting") and you will find Sung Joon in both shows. DoR can be INR4.
Recommended by loranar
The same concept: a long time couple broke up after some misunderstandings between them, but they met again after a while and the girl has a perfect boyfriend that will be marrying soon.
Recommended by Dia
Que Sera Sera stars Eric and Jung Yu Mi, approximately 7 years ago, and is responsible for fans calling them the 'Elevator Couple'. It tells the story of a man who is experienced in getting what he wants from women, without loving any of them, and a woman who has never been kissed. As the drama progresses, the chemistry increases between the two, which results in some romantic and passionate scenes.
Recommended by SpicedSugah
you will find similar atmosphere or feeling...
some characters are quite similar and so the story..
and also the craziness comedy <3 :DD
if you love this drama you will definitely love the other one :)
Recommended by frost