by Chrisstina, April 28, 2015


You probably think I’m crazy that I’m literally in love with her even though we’re the same gender, right? Well, I don’t mind, ’cause this woman deserves to be loved!

What does this woman have that made me fall for her so hard? Why is she my favourite actress? Let me give you a few hints: 

  • her perfect smile
  • her charming yet innocent eyes
  • her perfect sexy body
  • her style - so classy^^

But what really MAKES her attractive is her incredible, professional, brilliant acting which is a pure 10!

So let me introduce you to her projects: 

Mackerel Run

I’m gonna start with her debut drama which is Mackerel Run where she was partnered with Lee Min Ho as a lead.


The story was nothing serious, the opposite actually funny and light, not too many episodes though, but since this was their debut drama it was understandable. Watching them as a high schoolers was enjoyable!

Shining Inheritance


Oh, this was the drama where I first saw her.

She played a mean second lead, and I can’t believe what I’m saying, but somehow I hated her (her character was like really nasty, but she was soo good at that). Moon Chae Won plays a half-sister of HHJ and in the beginning she was fine, but when LSG starts to have feelings for HHJ, she turned into a really evil woman. Also the acting crew was greatLee Seung GiHan Hyo Joo and Bae Su Bin, you can't get better than that! And the drama was great too, maybe I’m a little biased, but we can’t deny the truth… This drama was good, indeed!

Take Care of the Young Lady


Nothing spectacular ’bout this drama. It was a enjoyable and funny ride, but honestly at first I thought I’m only watching this for MCW, but I discovered another sexy woman Yoon Eun Hye ( I need that girl back in Dramaland as soon as possible) and those two gorgeous men! MCW's character was better than in Shining Inheritance, she really knows how to play a rich, spoiled "princess". I was happy watching MCW gettin’ better and better with every new project and I was desperately hoping that she would get the main lead in a drama. And I guess my wish came true…

It's Okay, Daddy's Girl


“It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl a new MCW’s drama where she’s THE main lead. "My wish came true” I thought. This role was nothing like her debut drama, just to be clear. She portrayed a rich, spoiled girl Chae Ryung who has always depended on her daddy, but after her dad got into an accident, her life turned upside down. Her pressure-less life shattered faster than glass and now she has to learn how to live a life that is not as easy as she expected it to be. But, with a help with new friends played by Choi Jin HyukLee Dong Hae and more, she gets to adapt to her new life and learns how to treasure every thing in this world. A good, warm story with a great lesson! Worth watching it, especially if you like Moon Chae Won as I do, plus we have some hotties here. ;)

And now I come to the project where she has blown me away with her performance. I have to say this, I gave it a lot of thought on whether I should put this or Innocent Man as her best role so far, but I came to the conclusion that this role was her BEST that I’ve seen so far! This is gonna be a bit longer, but bear with me.

The Princess' Man


YES, IT’S THIS DRAMA! Why, oh why did this have to be so perfect? It stroke me right in the heart! BOTH main leads were perfect, especially her. AMAZING performance, burning chemistry, STRONG characters and a very, no, not very, excellent plot. I’m excited even writing this right now. My feelings were mixed, I was glued to the screen marathoning this drama, taking a break only when I was going to the bathroom and when I had to eat. One of my favourite dramas EVER (2nd)! Believe me, nothing can change it… I even re-watched it this year too, and I know I’ll do it again next year also. If you didn’t watch this drama yet, I SERIOUSLY don’t know what you’re waiting for. Go now and watch it! Wonder what it is about? I’ll gladly tell you.

This wonderful drama tells a story about Se Ryung, very strong, beautiful young lady whose father, Prince Su Yang is determined to become a king, no matter what measures it takes. On the other side we have Seung Yoo played by Park Shi Hoo whose father is a mortal enemies with the father of our main heroine. But, what happens when love strikes? You can’t hide from it or run from it, what you can do is just do what your heart tells you. And that’s when a REAL problem arises. How can two lovers whose fathers are grave enemies find their own happiness? If you want some great action, revenge, epic scenes and one of the best OST's I've heard all packed in one, then this drama is not to be missed! Believe me, I know what I'm sayin'! 

She simply blew me away with her acting in this one. Strong, mature, independent woman who stands up for herself and will do anything to protect the man she loves, even if it's going against her father. It is definitely something to be remembered for. In fact, she is the first one in my book of strongest female characters in Dramaland. My love for this drama and my love for her cannot be described. You have to see it, experience it and then you'll see what I'm talking about.

Oh yeah, I should not forget this amazing, sexy, attractive and charming man Park Shi Hoo who together with MCW makes one of the best chemistries EVER onscreen. It was so sizzling, intimate, passionate, breathtaking and REAL. And that's what I appreciate, when two normal people have that kind of chemistry, not all that awkward stuff. Anyways, I think that I might talk about this drama all day and night, but I seriously need to stop. And besides it won’t make it interesting for you right? ;) So go now and watch it!

Here are some OSTs from this drama. It contains spoilers!

Innocent Man

aka Nice Guy aka The Good Man Never Seen Before


Mamma Mia, this was the BEST drama of 2012! And I can proudly say that. Why you may ask? Well, it has all that you’re looking for: HOT Song Joong Ki, our Moon Chae Won as his partner, great revenge story and amazing OSTs.

As I’ve said before I was confused which role was the best this or TPM, but I guess I was not wrong I picked the above one. ;) No, I’m not saying that this role was bad, opposite, very similar as TPM, but I felt like there was something missing. Anyways, lets get back to this drama. Okay, the story tells about Kang Ma Roo an innocent and pure man who has lived his life taking care of her sister and loving Han Jae Hee portrayed by Park Shi Yeon. But, he gets convicted for a murder that he didn’t commit and after five years, he gets out of prison with one thing on his mind- to get revenge. And his plan is to make Seo Eun Gi whose step-mother is HJH fall in love with him. MCW plays Seo Eun Gi, a rich, arrogant woman, who loves motorbikes and her dead mother the most. She hates Han Jae Hee, because she thinks that she married her father only for money. But when Kang Ma Roo comes into her life and when secrets are revealed will she be able to love again? Once again, she plays a strong character filled with arrogance and anger. She definitely proved to me that no matter what character she plays, she will always give her best and try to play it as professional as possible. If you want to see amazing acting skills, warm, yet real chemistry and a great storyline that will make you glued to your sit for 20 hours, then watch it!

And now I come to her last project so far which aired in 2013. Damn this girl DEFINITELY needs to come back to us, we all miss her right? :P

Good Doctor


I’m gonna be honest with you guys, I’m not a big fan of a medical dramas, but yeah, I’ll admit that I was biased about MCW and Joo Won so I watched it. But, surprisingly it wasn’t that bad, because the story was pretty interesting. Followed by what I think of as one of the best roles of Joo Won. His character has the mentality of a 10 year old child and his struggle to become a pediatrician is worth praise. Their love story was sweet and heart-warming, honestly I enjoyed in their moments… relaxing and light. MCW's character is sweet, nice and warm. Hehehe with this one my love for her grew stronger and stronger. If you’re a fan of medical dramas and you ever wished to see Moon Chae Won and Joo Won together in a drama, then feel free to watch it.

- The only drama that I haven’t seen of hers is Painter of the wind, I guess the main actress is pulling me back from watching it, but I’m sure not gonna miss it because of that. I just need to find a time. ^^

War of the Arrows


As a big fan of historical movies and dramas, this movie left an impression on me. Amazing fighting scenes (fighting with arrows, you can imagine how much I enjoyed that), beautiful cinematography, directing and the highlight of the whole story was the remarkable story between brother and sister, their love and care for each other. Chae Won's role was quite similar as the one in TPM, strong, mature and independent which was another big plus.

 Love Forecast


Once again paired with Lee Sung Gi. Movie was meh, but hehe their chemistry was cute. Also the kiss in the movie was one to be remembered. Chae Won's role was different than the ones she had recently portrayed: her character is a playful, strict, independent young anchorwoman who is in love with her boss. She has a lifelong best friend whom she never thought of more than a "brother". But what happens when they suddenly realize that they have feelings for each other? The story wasn't something new, but I was happy to see MCW again in another project no matter if it was just a movie, I was just glad. And I'm hoping to see her in a drama this year! :P

Awaiting - Really nice Korean short where she starred with Go Soo.

Also, she's filming a new movie with Yoo Yeon Seok called In the Mood for Love. I don't know if this means that she will not do a drama soon, but I know that we all have to be patient and wait for a good news. 

And for the end enjoy Sung Si Kyung's music video with MCW. ;)

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