by purplenette, July 19, 2015

Here are some of the dramas for July

Oh My Ghost


Park Bo Young (Jungle FishMackerel Run), Jo Jung Suk (King2HeartsWhat's Up), Im Joo Hwan (Shine of Go CrazyUgly Alert), and Kim Seul Gi (Discovery of RomanceSurplus Princess) will star in tvN's drama Oh My Ghost which will began on July 3 after Ex-Girlfriend Club.  The writer/director combo,Yang Hee Seung and Yoon Je Won of High School King of Savvy is colaborating again for this drama.  

Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) is a sous chef with no freinds.  Since she was a child she has been able to see ghosts because of her shaman grandmother.  Na Bong Sun is a timid person, but all that changes one day when Shin Soon Aee who is a seductive ghost possess her body.  Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk) is a star chef who is popular with women, but hasn't gotten over a breakup with his ex-girlfriend.  One day he begins to see Na Bong Sun differently after her possession.


I'm watching this even if it is only for Kim Seul Gi.  I absolutely love her.  She is such an underrated actress.  I wish she would get a lead role.  I haven't strated it yet, but I plan to.

Scholar Who Walks the Night


Lee Joon Gi (Arang and the MagistrateIljimae), Lee Yu Bi (PinocchioGu Family Book), Kim So Eun (Liar GameHorse Doctor), Changmin (Paradise FarmMimi), and Lee Soo Hyuk (Valid LoveHigh School King of Savvy) will star in MBC's new drama Scholar Who Walks the Night on July 8 which has taken the Wednesday/Thursday slot of Warm and Cozy.  The writers are Jo Joo Hee and Han Saung Hee who wrote the webcomic "Bameul Geotneun Sunbi" which was published in December of 2012.  The director is Lee Sung Joon who also directed The Moon that Embraces the Sun.  

Jo Yang Sun (Lee Yu Bi)  is the young daughter of a noble family, but they loose everything when her father is wrongly accused as a traitor.  She crossdresses to sell books for a living.  She ends up meeting Kim Sung Yeol (Lee Joon Gi) who is a vampire scholar.  There are also an evil vampire (Lee Soo Hyuk) residing in the palace who controls politics and wants to stop the Crown Prince Lee Yun (Changmin) from ascending the throne.  Meanwhile Sung Yeol runs into Choi Hye Ryung who is a nobleman's daughter and looks like his first love who died many years prior.  


I will probably watch this even if there are a lot of politics involved.  I love anything related to vampires and there are some pretty decent actors in this drama.  


Jung Jae Young who has been in many movies, makes his drama debut in the KBS2 drama, Assembly which begins July 15 after The Man in the Mask.  Song Yoon Ah (MamaOn Air) will co-star.  The writer is Jung Hyun Min who worked as an aide to a member of the national assembly for 10 years and based his script on his own personal experience.  The director is Hwang In Hyuk who also directed Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Iron Empress.  

Jin Sang Pil (Jung Jae Young) is a welder in a shipyard who gets elected as a member of the national assembly.  With the help of his aid, Choi In Gyeong (Song Yoon Ah) he will become a honorable member.


I probably won't watch this.  I have no interest in politics.



Yoon Kye Sang (Beyond the CloudsThe Greatest Love), Seo Ye Ji (Super Daddy YeolNight Watchman's Journal), and Lee Bum Soo (TrianglePrime Minister and I) are to star in jTBC's new drama Last beginning July 24.  The writer is Han Ji Hoon and it is based on the webcomic.  The director is Jo Nam Gook who also directed Golden Empire and The Chaser.  

Jang Tae Ho (Yoon Kye Sang) is a homeless man that was once successful but failed as a fund manager when losing a lot of money in Korea's stock market.  He is surpirsed to find that even in the homeless there is a secretive organization.  He rises in the homless ranking to fight against the groups boss, Gwak Heung Sam (Lee Bum Soo).  Gwak Heung Sam earns his money by exploiting the poor homeless people. Sin Na Ra (Seo Ye Ji) is the flower girl of the homeless people.   


I am all in with this cast and director and the chanel it is on.  What a great combination.  I can't wait.

I Order You


Yunho (Night Watchman's JournalQueen of Ambition) and Kim Ga Eun (Joseon GunmanInspiring Generation) will star in the web drama NAVER which started July 5.  The writer is Lee Moon Hwi and Oh Bo Heon based on the same title web novel.  The director is Ahn Gil Ho who also directed Her Lovely Heels.

Yeo Gook Dae (Yunho) is a heartbroken, talented chef.  He finds love after his divorce.  Park Song Ah (Kim Ga Eun) is unemployed.  She goes to a homemade dosirak shop and meets three men who are good looking and make delicious food.  She gives her heart to one of the men.


I will wait to hear more of what people think before I try this one.  I'm not really into romcom anyway.

Late Night Restaurant


Kim Seung Woo (Iris 2The 3rd Ward) stars in SBS Saturday drama that starte on July 4.  The writer is Yaro Abe who wrote the original Japanse manga which was published in October 2006 in the manga magazine Big Comic Original.  The director is Hwang In Roe who also direted Love AgainGoong and Goong S.  

The only information I could find is that the owner and chef (Kim Seung Woo) of a late night restaurant that opens at midnight and closes at 7 am will make anything the customer asks for.  


Here is a link to the trailer:

I haven't started this yet and I'm not sure I will.  I usually like dramas based on manga though.

Which one of these dramas look interesting to you?